Team Bikes For Sale

December 12, 2011 12:00pm

The BTOsports/ButlerBrothersMX race team still have three of our 2011 / Palmetto Suzuki / Butlerbrothersmx team RM-Z450 Suzuki race bikes and one 2009 RM-Z250 race bike(ridden by Bobby Kiniry in 2010) for sale.  Be the first on your block to have your own personal factory race bike in your garage.  The bikes are the same ones used in the 2010/2011 racing season, and will not be stripped down of their trick parts.  All bikes will be built to race conditions and will be ready for you to take the win at your next race.  Don't miss out on this great opportunity to purchase your own factory race bike.

**Bikes to be sold are production based 2009/2011 Suzuki RM-Z250 and RM-Z450's  that have all been fully modified from the frame up in house by the BBMX race team.  These are the actual bike of the team's professional ranked riders!

To inquire about either a race bike or a test bike, please email Karsten Butler at for more information.

BTOsports/BBMX 2011 RM-Z450 race bike:


BTOsports/BBMX RM-Z250 2009 team race bike: