Race Faces: Nominate Someone Today

December 8, 2011 4:10pm | by:

Starting in the March issue of Racer X, we'll be running a new feature called Race Faces. The purpose of the feature is to put the spotlight on everyday people who love to race, but who are exceptional for other reasons. If you know a racer who excels in school, or works a career dedicated to public service, or carries two jobs to support a racing family, or actively volunteers in their community -- anything that makes them a great human being -- consider nominating them for inclusion in Race Faces.

To nominate someone you know, simply send the following information to racefaces@racerxonline.com:

  • Nominee name
  • Nominee city/town/state/province/country
  • Your contact information, including mobile phone number
  • A quality face photo of the nominee, at least 900 pixels wide. If we don't have a good photo, we won't be able to include the nominee. Please don't send photos of people in helmets -- we want to be able to see their faces
  • A paragraph or two explaining why you believe they should be featured. Tell us where they race, tell us about any racing accomplishments they've had, but be sure to concentrate on what they do that makes them a stand-up human being. We really want to honor the unsung heroes with this new piece

We will unfortunately not be able to include every nominee, but we'll do our best to feature the most inspiring of them. This will be a monthly feature in Racer X.

Questions? Hit us at racefaces@racerxonline.com.