Open Mic:  Zach Osborne

Open Mic Zach Osborne

December 7, 2011 10:30am
America’s best hope for its next World Championship the last couple of years, Monster Bike-It Yamaha’s Zach Osborne, is switching things up a bit for 2012. The former factory KTM and Yamaha of Troy rider is certainly no stranger to stadiums, but he hasn’t competed in one since taking his talents to Europe. That is about to change as Zach’s going to race some of the West Coast rounds for his England-based team. We caught up to “Six-Pack Attack” to talk about his return to the States.

Racer X: Zach, looks like you just did pretty well in Geneva this past weekend.
Zach Osborne: Yeah I did. I had a lot of fun and had some good results. We got a good gauge on the bike as well, even though the track wasn’t like an AMA track. We gained some good knowledge and I’m excited for the upcoming season.

So what’s the plan for 2012?
We’re going to do the first four rounds, and thanks to my team for letting me do that. I’m going to try and get my name back out there, I’m looking forward to it and it should be great. It has been a while, I’m putting a lot into it and hopefully it goes well. I’m looking forward to it.

Osborne (left) will run the first four round of the West Coast Lites Series in 2012.
Photo: Ray Archer

Where have you been riding?
Yeah, I was down at Chad’s for a week or so, a big thanks to him for that. I rode with [Michael] Byrne and [Jason] Thomas down there. The JGR guys have been really nice to me and letting me ride on their track and I’ve been riding at Club MX. They are all great tracks and it’s been going really well.

When’s the last time you raced supercross?
2008. It’s been a little while for sure.

What’s the goal for you in supercross?
I definitely would like to make a podium before I’m done and be a factor in all the races. I’d like to be in the top five, win some heat races and do that. I didn’t know what to expect going into this past weekend, there were some great riders there and my lap times were right in there. I’m really excited and it’s a good thing for me.

I’m going to be on the same bike that I raced this past weekend in Geneva and if anything, it will be better because we didn’t have the good gas over there. The guys at Ohlins have been working really hard with me on supercross and we have a good setting there. I’m looking forward to this.

After supercross, Osborne will return to Europe and try to capture his first MX2 title.
Photo: Ray Archer

And after supercross, it’s back to Europe?
Yeah, that’s the plan. The goal is to be World Champion and last year wasn’t so bad considering the injury I had at Glen Helen with the wrist and then Epstein Barr. I fought through all that but then crashed and hurt my shoulder, which finished me off. Even with all that, I can take some positives out of it and I did okay with all those factors thrown in. It’s my last year in MX2 with the age limit they have so I’m going to do all that I can to make it memorable. Jeffery Herlings, Tommy Searle and Arnaud Tonus will be up there, I think. We’re going to have a good race.

And I’m guessing you’re glad you went over to the GP’s when you did, it’s worked out pretty well for you.
I’m happy I went over there, it’s been the best thing I’ve ever done as far as a career choice. It matured me a lot in a short amount of time and it’s been a great life lesson for me. It’s been the ultimate racing school for me. I’ve been happy with it and I have a great ride. It’s also been great because I’ve always been able to understand all the people around me. I’m very happy with my choice.