Your Collection: Motocross: Techniques, Training and Tactics

December 4, 2011 6:00am

This weeks collection comes to us from Tom Miller.

The following are part of my collection, my 1979 Brad Lackey book "Motocross: Techniques, Training and Tactics." This has to be the best collection of great photographs from the golden era of motocross. As you can see, mine is very well worn, I have carried this book with me for over 30 years, including a 20 year career in the USAF.  Over that time, I have been able to get a few autographs from some of the players on that 70s motocross stage, including the Champ himself - Brad Lackey.  I think he still sells this book on his web site - I suggest everyone who lived through those years, or has an interest in the history of American motocross pick up a copy!  I hope you enjoy these pics.


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