Ask Ping!

Ask Ping!

December 2, 2011 10:30am
Hi Ping,

It is me, Endo, again.  I have a question about teeth but first I need to let you in on something.  You once said that the faster a motorcycle goes, the better it works.  You are right.  You might let everyone know that while the bike might be going faster, the rider's skill does not necessarily improve to match.  I found this out the hard way a couple of weeks ago while testing your theory on my 450. Anyway, I have asked Santa for Motocross 101 and a new radiator so no worries on that.  Now to the teeth:  With the exception of Martin Davalos (lost a couple but got em fixed), all AMA pros seem to have decent pearly white teeth (one of the few places with no tats or sponsor decals).  The FMX guys as a general rule look like they could eat grapefruit through a tennis racket.  Whats up with that? Seriously, are they going for a "scum of the earth, methed-out" look or are they too broke to get some dentures?  Maybe the Mullisha could provide a little dental insurance for these guys.  They are way to young to be living on cream potatoes and ice cream.





  • Not a motocross racer
Dear Endo,

I know a few moto guys with jacked-up grills. Endo. That’s an Italian name, right? I know an Italian dude or two who would benefit from a trip to the orthodontist. Regarding the FMX crowd, I’m not sure to whom you are referring. There are a few guys like Ronnie Faisst who have a bunch of gold teeth but that’s hardly because they can’t afford white ones. Nate Adams: Great teeth. Adam Jones: Fantastic chompers. Twitch: Pearly whites. Are you sure you weren’t watching hockey? Those guys spit teeth out left and right. The only thing they do less than visit the dentist is wash their gear. Stinky guys with no teeth who like to fight… how do these guys pull chicks like Carrie Underwood? Anyway, I’ll bring a Wilson racket and a basket of ruby reds to the next FMX event I attend, you know, just in case.



Dear Ping,

Each year I sit at home wishing I could travel to one of the national amateur motocross races around the country. I am past my opportunities to actually race in one of these events, but I’d love to go watch a race as it showcases the future superstars of our sport. As I sit here watching the live lap times of such future stars like Adam Cianciarulo, I wonder what the future has in store for them. Out of all the great riders in the country, only 20 can make it to the main event (40 if we count the lites riders.) The chances of making that 40 riders keeps getting slimmer and slimmer with all the new talent coming into the sport. Do you think that there should be some changes to allow for more exposure for more riders? Look at any of the big sports; they have multiple events going on at the same time in different venues with teams and divisions all over the country. Don’t get me wrong, I love our grassroots and the fact that they have to battle it out with the top riders in the world to put on a show for us, but in a sport that we desperately want to expand, what is the AMA doing to make it possible to have more racers compete on the national stage?




Dear Mark,

I appreciate your enthusiasm, Mark, but our sport is not, and likely never will be, as big as basketball, football, etc. And while baseball has different divisions to groom young talent, those players aren’t making much cash. I would say that Arenacross is our version of minor league baseball; it’s just a much smaller number of athletes. And football has a college program where they have a commitment to grooming young players If you look at the numbers in motocross you really don’t have good odds of “making it.” As you said, only twenty guys line up for the main event each week and they fight like girls with celiacs disease over the last gluten-free muffin at a breakfast buffet for those spots. Oh, and only about half of those guys are making any money. Factor in injuries and the fact that every year there is fresh talent waiting in the wings for a chance to break through who will ride for next to nothing and it really makes a golf club look better than a pw50 when you are considering little Johnny’s athletic career. Of course the place where people go wrong is when they assume they will make it and forsake education, a plan B or any kind of standard socialization for more motos at the local track. When Skippy bombs out in his pro debut and mom and dad run out of cash you are left with a financially destitute household and a kid who is dumber than a box of rocks with the personality of that French fried potater-eating nitwit from Slingblade. It happens with shocking regularity. Our Now is not the time to think about starting another series or outlet for racing. Professional road racing is on the brink of collapse so something tells me that funding might not be there for an offshoot motocross series. Lets just enjoy the racing we have and hope that the energy drink market doesn’t decide to leave us for someone else. Now THAT would be a problem.



Dear mister Ping

I sawe an bad video of Jeffrey Herlings training in the USA at the moment at you tube.
So why is there annybody who makes an nice long video hd of Herlings training on SX tracks and do a nice interview whit him.

Greets Patjeja



  • The Sandman is spending some time stateside
Dear Patjeja,

Wow, I can almost smell the Dutch pastries and hear your little wooden shoes clacking together as you typed out that email. No disrespect, my man, I’m glad to know that even in the land of windmills and tulips you come here seeking answers. And I have yours. Jeffrey is cruising around incognito over here. I saw him yesterday at the Lake Elsinore track opening but for the longest time I didn’t know who it was; he had no name on his jersey or helmet. But he was ripping around the track pretty good on a full-factory Red Bull KTM with his jersey un-tucked and his elbows looking like they were taped to his hips. You just knew he was euro and that he had skills. I think once people realize that he is indeed Jeffrey Herlings you will see some better videos pop up. Stay tuned.