Crank Works Introduces Pro Rod

November 29, 2011 9:05am
Tempe, Arizona – Crank Works, Inc, an industry leader in crankshaft services and performance, is now introducing its new line of premium connecting rods to consumers worldwide. After several years of research and development, including extensive testing with many professional race teams and riders, CWI Pro Rods are now available to riders of all levels.

CWI Pro Rods are designed for improved performance over OEM components. For some bike models, Pro Rods are lighter in weight than the OEM rod, leading to less reciprocating mass. Every Pro Rod offers superior strength and durability over OEM, giving them a longer lifespan. They can withstand more punishment without failure, especially under extreme conditions and in racing applications, making them a sure choice for those looking for a more durable and better-performing engine.

All CWI billet rods are manufactured from an aerospace-grade alloy using sophisticated CAD and CAM systems. They are heat treated to stringent specifications by a Nadcap, ISO, and AMS certified heat treating facility. The use of measuring and special finishing equipment ensures that each rod is manufactured with utmost precision.