New Suomy Cross Helmet

November 15, 2011 10:15am

MX Jump, the new fiber helmet by SUOMY was designed giving maximum consideration to internal comfort, construction technology, reliability and safety for both rider and racer.

As per SUOMY tradition, MX Jump continues with its external sport design while at the same time assuring the comfort that only a “top-of–the-line” helmet can give.

MX Jump has been designed and tested to optimize external flow while taking serious consideration to the internal ventilation.

“State-of-the-art” technical solutions were used in the design and manufacture of this helmet.  The new materials used in construction (a mix of different layers woven together to obtain the maximum performance with minimum weight), gives the shell a unique rigidity while maintaining considerable lightness in the overall weight of the helmet.




Production of the composite shell:


This is the strong point of MX Jump:  with this shell, SUOMY completely changed its production process. The new composites used, allows SUOMY to obtain a lighter, tougher and more protective shell.

The effort made by SUOMY in the past years, coupled with the desire to continue producing its products in Italy, has been fully repaid. The “know-how” of the research and development department allowed SUOMY to use a new composite (a mix of carbon with various weights/break loads and an aramidic composite) that has made the shell very light, while at the same time more resistant to certification crashes.  Moreover, stiffening ribs were added, enhancing the overall sturdiness of the shell while aesthetically giving the helmet a great look and a “racing” edge.




To meet customer demand, MX Jump is available in two different shell sizes: M and L.




Internal polystyrene realized in two sizes (M and L) and with variable density. This characteristic allows a gradual and progressive absorption of the energy produced by the impact.

Even if the bigger part of the energy created by the impact its absorbed by the external shell, thanks to its deformation, the role of polystyrene its determinant for the absorption of the residual energy.

A diversified density of the polystyrene, permit us to optimize the mechanical performance of the shell/polystyrene.



Internal polystyrene was studied to work in symbiosis with the air intake on the external shell. Particular channeling obtained on polystyrene, permit to air flow intake an optimal ventilation into the helmet and a quickly exhaust of the hot air.




The internal part is completely made of the precious fabric COOLMAX® ACTIVE:

  • It moves away the body sweat;
  • Keeps rider fresh, dry and completely comfortable;
  • Lightweight, soft and breathable fabric;
  • Performance controlled and certified by ADVANSA.


The cheek pads and the internal comfort shell can be removed, washed and replaced. The cheek pads come in different thickness to meet all user sizes.




The retention system used is our famous and tested “D-RING” with double D rings.