Matrix Concepts Launches 1.7 Cleaning Solutions

November 11, 2011 9:25am
Matrix Concepts Announces New Division & Worldwide Launch of 1.7 Cleaning Solutions

Matrix Concepts is pleased to announce the worldwide launch of the new 1.7 Cleaning Solutions line. After 18 months of development and field-testing by some of the top mechanics and teams in the world, the complete line will be ready for release this December.

This is the only complete step-by-step cleaning system developed by top team mechanics and has been formulated for off road motorcycles. The new line includes 10 key formulas that come in both 16 oz sprayers, and 1-gallon refill sizes.


- Formula 1 - Wash/Degreaser

- Formula 2 - Four in One Shine

- Formula 3 - Plastic/Rubber Conditioner

- Formula 4 - Hard parts Dressings

- Formula 5 - Brake Pad & Rotator Cleaner

- Formula 6 - Pre - Ride Treatment (Mud Release)

- Formula 7 - Goggle/Window Cleaner

- Formula 8 - Tire Mounting Lube

- Formula 9 - Hand Cleaner

- Formula 10 - Hi Power Cleaning Wipes


Look for many of the top SX teams using 1.7 this season, starting with A1.


Product will be debuted at ECIMA Trade Show in Milan, Italy, this November and will be available at finer motorcycle dealers worldwide and at or