Vid: 10 Minutes of 2 Strokes 2.0

November 7, 2011 1:00pm
First off, thanks for your continued support as MXPTV's YouTube channel has reached five figures--with 10,000 subscribers! So, what we've decided to do was release a video that was planned for next month and that is the return of the 10 Minutes Of 2 Strokes! Having been the most popular video ever since it's release just before the ball dropped on 2011, MXPTV knew we had to come back with another installment of our popular 2 strokes video.

Also, due to the recent sad events of a double homicide that took New Jersey motocross racer Ryan Patterson and his mother, Diana, just days before this video was released, we decided it was better to release this video right away since Ryan was a 2 stroke fan himself. At the end of the video, MXPTV pays tribute to Ryan with some 2 stroke love from past years at the Thunder In The Sand races. So, MXPTV dedicates this video to Ryan, Diana, and their family.