Reed, Chisholm on the Pulpmx Show Tonight

November 7, 2011 1:50pm
Fresh off a two-week break to get us recharged, the Pulpmx Show presented by comes back roaring with a show that will surely entertain and thrill all at the same time. Hosts Steve Matthes and Kenny Watson will take your questions, calls and discuss everything that’s gone down in the last couple of weeks.

First up is Team Two-Two’s Chad Reed who will be letting us all know his plans for 2012 now that his trip to Australia is over. Reed’s coming off a big year in 2011 and looking to build on it with a couple of new hires for his team and he’ll talk about those and more tonight.

The King of Bercy Kyle Chisholm will be on to talk about that race, his 2012 plans and what else is new with him. Chisholm will be also available to take your calls and questions about anything and everything.

And we’ll have FOS (Friend of Show) Jason Thomas on at some point to talk about his off-season adventures in Finland, Germany, Greece, Canada or wherever.

As usual, our phone screener Tits Legendary will be here to answer your calls and take part in the show. Have a question for the show? Send it over on Twitter @titslegendary and he’ll get it on.

What you’ll want to do is log-in to at 6PM PST/9PM EST and click on the Pulpmx Show banner. That will take you to the media player where you can increase your moto knowledge. As usual, you can call in at anytime during the show to talk to the guest or the hosts at 702-586-PULP (7857).

You can listen to the show the next day on on your smartphone or Itunes for download. It will also be available the next day on

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