Wil Hahn Interview

October 27, 2011 2:55pm

I wanted to mend a fence between two of my buds as well as pick Wil's brain about the psyche of top racers.

(Disclaimer: Matthes asked me to touch base with Wil while he was flying to JMB-land and was all about me inquiring about "Beeker-gate".)

Swizcore- First things first, is Matthes still dead to you?
Will Hahn- Not dead but being truthful, I don't get the way it got blown out of proportion over nothin'. People can call me a cry baby or whatever, plenty of people did, but all I said was "wow" and "double wow". That's all that was said, I never said "oh you're an idiot". I never said anything. The whole thing got blown out of proportion and how he treated people that are in my corner and behind me, I really didn't agree with. So is he dead to me? No, I don't care. If he says Hi to me, I'm gonna say Hi; I'm not that kind of person but did I lose some respect? Yes. That's just me being honest and truthful with myself.


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