Moose Racing New Product

October 20, 2011 3:20pm
Moose Racing New Product: Fundamental Bike Stand

The key characteristics to a high-quality bike stand are strength and dependability.  Moose Racing has captured each of those qualities, and exceeded the everyday demands with its Fundamental Bike Stand.  The stand features a strong aluminum structure that delivers the same results found in expensive bike stands, at a considerably-more-reasonable price point.  The Fundamental Bike Stand has withstood extensive testing by the top Moose Racing riders, and can be purchased for just $52.95.


Additional product specifications are below. The Fundamental Bike Stand is now available from your local Parts Unlimited dealer. To find a dealer near you or to check out other new products from Moose Racing, please visit

  • Strong aluminum bike stand
  • Does everything an expensive stand does for half the cost
  • Includes thick rubber pad, 4" drain hole, and welded in tool tray
  • Plates welded to the bottom of legs to stop sinking in soft dirt
  • Extensively tested by Moose Racing
  • 17" tall, 10"x10" top, 14.5" base
  • Price: $52.95
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