Josh Hill/Weimer/Mike Gosselaar on DMXS Radio Tonight

October 12, 2011 4:05pm
TwoTwo Motorsport’s Mike Gosselaar is one of the most respected wrenches in the pits for good reason.  His work ethic and complete dedication to a team and his rider have been well-earned throughout his successful career.  Goose was part of the silly-season hoopla and will give his take on drama-filled 2011 and his goals and plans for next year as he is back with his good friend Chad Reed.  Goose was caught in a cellular black hole last week so we’ll finally catch up tonight if he has enough bars on his phone.

Dodge Motorsports/Hart & Huntington’s Josh Hill is back on the bike after a yearlong recovery from his broken femur and complications while attempting a back flip preparing for the X-Games last summer.  That kind of injury would break the sprit of many riders, but not Josh.  He has stayed involved with his team and put in the blood, sweat and tears getting back to this point.  We’ve been fortunate enough to know Josh and his family since the minibike days and couldn’t be more stoked to see him back on the bike where he belongs preparing for Anaheim 1.

Factory Kawasaki’s Jake Weimer will be racing the inaugural Monster Energy Cup in Vegas this weekend with a shot at the largest potential payout ever offered up for grabs.  This unique race will certainly push the SX testing up by several months and put early pressure on the riders and their teams.  Jake will give us an update tonight on this weekend and beyond.

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