October 11, 2011 2:05pm
By Pat Schutte

CORONA, Calif., – Never before in the history of stadium motocross has a track design morphed into something this crazy.

“I can’t believe some of the things they’re coming to us with,” said DIRT WURX USA’s Rich Winkler on the Oct. 15th Monster Energy Cup at Las Vegas’ Sam Boyd Stadium.

For starters – literally – all-time Monster Energy AMA Supercross, an FIM World Championship, wins leader Jeremy “Showtime” McGrath has tapped back into his BMX roots for a massive, elevated drop-in start – not unlike the one on Hell Track in the cult BMX movie “Rad.” All-time AMA MX Nationals wins leader Ricky Carmichael added an equally Monster-sized reentry jump that brings the riders back into Sam Boyd stadium (from the outside portion of the track) in dramatic fashion. Both Monster Energy-backed athletes – both with a great deal of input on the Monster Energy Cup track built by DIRT WURX USA.

“We’ve had multiple meetings and both Jeremy and Ricky, along with Todd Jendro and Dave Prater at Feld, have provided some incredible input on the Monster Energy Cup track,” added Winkler. “DIRT WURX USA has been asked to create the track that these guys dreamed about. It’ll be a track construction like no other DIRT WURX USA has ever attempted. Needless to say my guys are really looking forward to the challenge – having dreamed about building a track like this as well.”

Without giving away the farm on the closely-guarded track design, Winkler threw out a few more nuggets that fans can expect.

  • Being it’s a hybrid SX/MX track, and open to ANY kind of bike, Winkler says the emphasis will take away the 450’s advantage, with no abrupt jumps or technical sections right out of the corners. High speed, big air and flowy.
  • An exclusive section outside the stadium will house a Monster Energy VIP area, which will include an over/under for the VIP members to walk under the track.
  • A “colossal” outdoor national-style jump outside the stadium will launch racers more than 100 feet through the air – visible on the Sam Boyd’s Diamond Vision.
  • Monster Energy will have an iconic “Monster Mountain” obstacle, running up into the stands!

“This will certainly be a spectacle for the fans attending the live event,” said Winkler. “All the top guys have already committed to race and, with a million dollars on the line from Monster Energy, it’s going to be one heck of a battle on one heck of a track.”

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