2011 Great Lakes Grand Prix

October 6, 2011 2:15pm

Gaylord, MI – Amidst an explosion of autumn colors in the hills of Northern Michigan, racers and their families arrived at the Otsego Club and Resort for their 3rd Annual Great Lakes Grand Prix on October 1-2, 2011.  The premiere ski and golf resort hosted the hybrid motocross event on a 3.5 mile track, complimented by resort accommodations and special events unlike any other motocross race in the country.

For a small group of ambitious riders and fans, the Great Lakes Grand Prix started on Friday morning with a Ryno Institute motocross clinic from professional motocross racer Ryan Hughes, courtesy of GYTR (Genuine Yamaha Technology Racing).  Hughes’ motocross school not only gave students an early look at the track, but also taught them the kind of technique and strategy that would help improve their race performance the following day:

“Ryan is an awesome teacher”, said Austin Dodd (one of the students attending the motocross clinic).  “We’re only half way through the day and I’ve already improved my riding a ton!”

Saturday brought the first wave of racers for the weekend, accounting for over twelve-hundred (1,200) entries by the time the checkered flagged dropped on the final moto of Sunday evening.  As a result, the track developed into a variety of lines and obstacles as each day progressed, making the hilly terrain both challenging and diverse.  The high volume of riders also made for great racing action in all classes.  Some of the weekend’s standout riders included local area residents Cale Kuchnicki and Danielle Sawicki, as well as other District 14 racers like Kelly Smith, Cody McCulloch, Jarret Pesci, Joey Crown, Travis Sewell, and Sarah Whitmore.

However, the racer who showcased the most exciting display of speed and talent was undoubtedly GYTR’s Ryan Hughes.  While the crisp fall weather and sandy-loamy terrain was a stark contrast from the 90 degree temps and hard-pack conditions he was used to, Hughes had no problem adjusting to the Grand Prix style track and taking home a portion of the $5,000 Pro Am purse.

“The track was such a challenge that I had fun every single lap—I never got bored”, said Hughes.  “It was an amazing weekend. The resort is beautiful, the food was amazing, and then I saw the track, and as it developed… it just started getting tougher and tougher, and that’s why I rode 5 motos, because it was fun!”

Aside from the racing, Hughes also commented on the overall atmosphere.  “The night life here at the resort is awesome.  I couldn’t hang out for too long though because, well—I’m old”, he said with a chuckle.

Hughes also said that while he missed out on the Yamaha supported Dodgeball Tournament and its $300 grand prize, whose honors went to “Team Get Some”, Ryan promised he would be back for next year saying, “The guys that put this on did a very good job—I was blown away—and this is already in my calendar to come back next year for sure!”

For full race results, as well as additional info on the 2011 Great Lakes Grand Prix, please visit http://naactionsports.com/grandprix/.  Also, check back to RacerX tomorrow for exclusive video coverage from the 2011 Great Lakes Grand Prix at the Otsego Club and Resort.

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