Renegade Fuel in AMA Pro Racing

October 5, 2011 10:15am
Renegade Fuel will continue to lead the way in AMA Pro Racing.

The Renegade Pro-Moto Line has become the benchmark in Motocross and Supercross industry today.  Teams like Geico Factory Connection Honda, Star Yamaha, Factory Suzuki, Team Suzuki City, JDR KTM, Rockstar Suzuki, Rock River Yamaha, and Monster Energy Leading Edge Kawasaki made the instant change to our fuel which was brand new to the market in 2010. After 2 years of R&D with feedback from several top supercross, motocross, road racing
teams & engine builders Renegade releases this fuel to the public! We use some of the most exotic materials sourced from Europe, Asia and North America to make a AMA Supercross and Motocross legal fuel that not only makes power but it has also shown to be very stable in high heat applications when other fuels have failed. Don't be fooled by the fancy marketing by other brands, SX4+ is for the serious racer that demands serious results!

" Renegade has continued to push the chemical technology and development of new fuels which has forced our other competitors to try and step up the development of their fuels. They have set back and on their hands for some time now and relied on one fuel to be standard of AMA Pro MX and SX. We have now set a new standard that has been unmatched by several attempts to produce a fuel that outperforms the SX4Plus on the dyno, the track, and real world racing conditions. Our competitors have come close in one area only to fall way short in another. It is extremely important to all of us here at Renegade that our fuels provide the added horsepower that riders and teams are looking for but also remain stable in extreme heat, or real world racing conditions as I like to call them. The final thing we look at with our fuels would be the fact that they must also prove to help the longevity or service life of the engine. The teams and riders we work with provide us with the fact that when they do the rebuilds or tear downs that the engine and parts are extremely clean and not stained or gummed up like our competitors fuel can cause. Serious engine builders and teams will tell
us that they really like the fact that the deposits in the head or combustion chamber are virtually gone. That leads to even more added performance down the road as other fuels see a decline in performance. The deposits start to cause a decrease in performance and cause an increase in operating temperatures. Renegade has set the standard with the SX4Plus fuel
that all other fuel companies try to match. One thing that I like about our moto fuel being an all around performance fuel is that we don't have to release a new product and call it SX5 and then another product after that and call it SX6 in an attempt to lure customers to a product by fancy marketing that gives them the impression that it is that much better than the previous product. We always continue to improve the performance of our products and want our customers to know that when they purchase a Renegade product they have purchase the very best on the market and not confuse them by having so many options as far as a label goes that they don't know what is the best. SX4Plus is the best performance fuel in the motocross and supercross industry." Said Mark Ticen, Moto Fuel Director for Renegade Fuels.

Renegade has also dedicated our program to do more than just help bring value to our customers with our products but also to help with community needs around the US and the world.  Plain and simple, we're interested in our customers becoming a partner with the Renegade brand.  Please check out our web-site for more information and you can also click the link to follow us on Twitter.

You can contact Renegade at or for tech questions you can contact Renegade looks forward to serving you with the very best performance fuels with service to match.

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