MotoE Accepting Amateur Resumes

October 4, 2011 11:10am
Orlando, FL– MotoE [], is opening and expanding its amateur racing sponsorship program for the 2012 race season beginning on October 6th.  All applications will be reviewed and accepted thru October 17th, 2011.  All riders will be notified of their sponsorship level by October 21st and begin receiving their MotoE Blueprint for Success Performance Program the week of October 31st, 2011.   For 2012, there will be three levels of sponsorship: Full Factory, Co-Factory and Factory Support.  Sponsorship value will range from $6,600 to $66,000+ in performance bonuses, media exposure bonuses, products and services.

Our amateur racing programs has lead to the success of riders like Adam Ciancirulio, Zac Freeburg, Justin Starling, Jordan Bailey and Jon Jon Ames at high profile amateur races like Mammoth, Ponca and Loretta Lynn’s.  For 2012, MotoE has sponsorship opportunities for riders of all abilities and classes.

Robb Beams, MotoE's owner and director of human development commented, "Our focus for 2012 is to provide amateur riders all over the country access to the same Blueprint for Success Performance Program that was created and implemented with our top amateurs and professionals over the last ten years.  With the development of our Blueprint For Success Performance System, we know how to improve the rider’s strength, endurance, flexibility, lean body mass and mental preparation to handle the physical and mental demands of high profile races” states Beams.

“With all the conflicting information relevant to human performance and nutrition floating around, MotoE is committed to making sure all amateur riders have access to resources that will not only improve raw speed & eliminate late moto fatigue, but also reduce the risk of injury” states Beams.

All sponsored riders will have a responsibility of providing feedback on various training programs both on and off the track to help facilitate MotoE’s enhancement of the Blueprint of Success Performance Program.  Feedback provided by all sponsored riders will also be incorporated into MotoE’s eBooks, videos and online training programs available to riders online at

To submit your resume for review, please fill out this simple online application and then email your detailed race results from the last two seasons (if applicable), specific events you plan on attending during the 2012 race season, along with a short description of how MotoE can help you as a racer and how you intend on expanding the MotoE brand of services, products and testing facilities.

Please submit your resume elements to MotoE, Attention: Sponsorship, with 2012 Race Sponsorship in the subject line.

You can also apply via traditional mail by sending your printed resume to:

2012 Sponsorship

Moto Endurance

P.O. Box 915261

Longwood, FL 32791