The List: Headlines If  Dusty Pipes Wins a Race

The List Headlines If Dusty Pipes Wins a Race

September 29, 2011 11:30am

The 2011 season is complete, and privateer (#652) Dusty Pipes came up short on a win. That bums us out, because our staff would like nothing more than to thread the best name in the sport into some race-winning headlines.

If Dusty ever does get one, we'll be ready with the following headlines. Go get 'em, Dusty!

12. Stone Cold Lead Dusty Pipes Lock
11. Pipes Busts Out
10. Pipes Flows
9. Dusty Flexes his Pipes
8. Pipe Down, Pipes is Up
7. Pipes Knocks the Dust Off
6. Pipes and Sipes Battle (Great race between Dusty and Ryan or Justin Sipes)
5. Pipes on the Pipe
4. Dusty Lays the Pipes to the Field
3. Dusty Pipes Shine at (insert track name)
2. Pipe[s] Dream: Dusty Captures Overall
1. Smokin' Dusty Pipes