Ask Ping!

Ask Ping!

September 23, 2011 9:50am
Dear Ping,

I was reading Racer X Online and noticed that Dungey was sporting a new clothing sponsor.... I have never even heard of FUX! Do you think the public will accept this brand as much as they have taken to FOX? It seems that when he thanks his sponsors on the podium it will have to be bleeped out or something. He doesn't seem like he would wear that brand, it seems more fitting for Jason Lawrence or Josh Hill, don't you think? Maybe this is just a part of the total Dungey makeover that we are all awaiting.... new bike, new team and now he is s-wearing some new gear too.

Jay in Montana



  • FUX?
Dear Jay,

Wow, this is the first I’m seeing of this. I knew Ryan was shaking things up by changing agencies and switching bike brands, but I had no idea how far-reaching his makeover would be. And where is this FUX gear from? It must be European because I’ve never seen it here in the States. Maybe this is his way of venting after the DNF’s and frustrations of the 2011 season? Instead of letting it all out, or any of it out, to the media and public, he decides to stealthily just have it written on his gear. Very sneaky, Mr. Dungey, but I’m on to you. I’ll send over a few good anger management programs for you to look into.



Hey Ping,

I'm planning a vacation for this coming winter. I'm leaning towards Panama City, FL. My question is, where is your favorite vacation spot and if you were to plan a trip to FL, where and what would your plan be for the vacation?




  • Cruzan rum and diet Pepsi = Sunscreen. You're welcome.
Dear Suzooki,

I like Detroit. It has a very gritty appeal and a sense of hopelessness and utter despair that makes me feel better about my life. I mean, you could do the “touristy” thing and go to Hawaii or head to the mountains and do some skiing/boarding, but where’s the adventure in that? How about heading for a seedy part of Mexico to see how your survival skills are? I haven’t checked with Vegas, but I think the odds are pretty good that you’ll be killed depending on which city you visit. How exciting is that? And if you have the budget you could always head to the Middle East. I’ve always wanted to delve into the psyche of the people in that region and try to understand their, how shall we say, unconventional mindset. Make sure your wife wears a low-cut top and some booty shorts on that trip. And an American flag hat with a WWJD bracelet would spice things up as well. If I were going to be lame and go to Florida I would hit the Richard Petty Driving Experience at Disney World, catch a Dolphins game and hop a plane to Atlantis for a day or two. A cheaper suggestion is to find a secluded beach somewhere and drink rum and cokes until your face goes numb. That actually doesn’t sound bad.




Did I read somewhere that you will be joining the TV crew to help interview the racers? Or was I dreaming? I know you’re not as cute as Erin, but you were awesome that one summer when you helped co-announce on TV. Truthfully, you’re way better than Emig. Sorry, Jeff, but I know a lot of people who feel the same. Can't we start a petition or something to get you back on the TV crew?




  • She is definitely cuter.
Dear TK,

The only way you would have read that is if you wrote it down and then read it, which may have happened. I really like Ralph, Jeff and Erin and I think they are all very passionate about their jobs and they put a lot of effort into it. I’d love to do more television, but my schedule right now wouldn’t allow it. Hopefully I can do something more with it in the future because I really had a good time with it that summer. Let’s hold off on the petition for now though, mmkay? Thanks.


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