Moto Star and MXOT team up for 2012

September 14, 2011 3:00pm
www.MotoStarGlobal.comĀ  (Moto Star) is pleased to announce another year with (MXOT) the fastest growing Motocross gaming site for XBOX 360 and Play Station 3 gaming.

Moto Star Global is one of the most popular teams online and knows that the gaming community is a direct conduit to its fans and riders alike.

Moto Star has some of the coolest products, graphics and casual wear going. We do product give away races where the likes of Davi Millsaps, Trey Canard, J-Law and many others pro star riders play MX ALIVE and MX REFLEX on a daily basis.

If you like Motocross you will love racing in these tournaments. Check out Moto Star Global team pages and apply to get on today where everyone gets a chance to be a star!

As always thanks to our star's at Racer X Online and see you on the starting gate soon plus dont forget to stop by our Face Book page "Moto Star Racing" where we do product give away contests all the time!