Southwick Practice Report

Southwick Practice Report

August 27, 2011 12:25pm

Round ten of the 2011 Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Championship is taking place in the sands of Southwick, Massachusetts under some ominous conditions. With the threat of hurricane Irene lurking on the entire east coast—but expected to hit the area on Sunday—the teams and racers were hoping to get the race done with minimal weather issues. And for the most part in the morning practices, the rain fell only gently.

The track itself holds water great—being as how it’s deep sand—but at the same time, the water makes it rougher and deeper. The racers expect to be challenged today and if practice is any indication, it’s going to be quite a race.

The 450 series has Monster Kawasaki’s Ryan Villopoto and Rockstar/Makita Suzuki’s Ryan Dungey separated by just seven points going into this, the tenth of twelve rounds. Those two were going to have to deal with Team TwoTwo’s Chad Reed who’s a former winner here and was quick in the first practice. The track here at Southwick gets rougher and rougher each time so pretty much every rider set their fastest time in the first practices.

As we were saying, the track starts out pretty smooth and the riders in the first unseeded 450 practice benefitted greatly. So great in fact that unknown local rider Michael Sottile clocked the fastest time of the day in the 450 class. In what has to be a career highlight, Sottile will get the first gate pick of the day.

Right behind him was Reed, then Ryan Dungey, hometown kid Justin Barcia fourth and Villopoto in fifth. The times were so tight that there were 14 riders (!) in the same second.

In the 250 class, the track was a little rougher and the unseeded riders headed out after the seeded guys which prevented a “Sottile” from happening. GEICO Honda’s Eli Tomac had the best time followed by past winner Tyla Rattray, Gareth Swaneopol, points leader Dean Wilson and Frenchman Marvin Musquin. In case you’re counting, that’s only one American in the top five.

With their series wrapping up back home, a couple of Canadian champions showed up in a van and put in some good times in the form of 450 rider Colton Facciotti logging the 15th best time and 250 rider Tyler Medaglia ending up 31st. Both guys are going to the gate with decent picks. Tyler’s brother Jeremy, riding a KTM, managed to get the 34th best time.

If the rain holds off, we’re going to be in for a great day of racing here at the ‘Wick. Go Dowd!

450 Times
1- Michael Sottile 1:55.5
2- Chad Reed 1:56.4
3- Ryan Dungey 1:56.9
4- Justin Barcia 1:57.5
5- Ryan Villopoto 1:57.6
6- Mike Alessi 1:57.6
7- Robbie Marshall 1:57.9
8- Mike Picone 1:58.1
9- Kyle Regal 1:58.2
10- Brett Metcalfe 1:58.4

250 Times

1- Eli Tomac 2:00.3
2-Tyla Rattray 2:00.8
3- Gareth Swaneopol 2:01.9
4- Dean Wilson 2:02.1
5- Marvin Musquin 2:02.2
6- Jimmy Decotis 2:02.4
7- Martin Davalos 2:02.5
8-Kyle Cunningham 2:02.5
9- Blake Baggett 2:02.6
10- Broc Tickle 2:02.9