Proof: Presented by Kawasaki

Proof: Presented by Kawasaki

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Kawasaki is making a big push in the motocross market right now, rolling out race wins on the pro and amateur side along with an all-new 2012 KX450F. These are supposed to be lean times for the sport (and economics) but Kawi is still coming after things with aggression.

Ron Lechien is a big part of KX history.
Photo: Paul Buckley

As proof of Kawasaki's success, the company is backing a new feature here on Racer X Online. Over the next few weeks, we'll dive into the archives of Kawasaki's U.S. motocross and supercross history, weaving stories of the great days of the past--Weinert, Wardy, The Dogger, KIPS and Uni-Trak--with the great rides of today, and some great rides in between--Fro, RC, Bubba, and Team Pro Circuit--all mixed in. It will be a fun tour down memory lane. Are we trying too hard if say we'll be letting the good times roll?

Photo: Andrew Fredrickson

Today's Kawi factory lineup includes Jake Weimer and Ryan Villopoto, as well as the super-strong Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki 250 team.
Photo: Simon Cudby

We'll also dive into 30 years worth of archives from Kawasaki's ground-breaking Team Green amateur program. Pick your favorite rider--there's a good chance they once rode a Kawasaki.

Tim Ferry is one of many superstars to roll through Kawasaki's Team Green amateur program.

Photo: Thom Veety

All together, this should be a fun and informative look at Kawasaki's race efforts. Look for debut features here this week!

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