250 Words:  Loretta Lynn’s

250 Words Loretta Lynn’s

August 1, 2011 1:30pm
GEICO Powersports Honda has had a long history of picking gems from the amateur ranks and turning them into bon a fide superstars. In the last four years they have taken the likes of Trey Canard, Blake Wharton, Justin Barcia, and Eli Tomac, and groomed them for stardom.

Winning the 2008 SX East Lites championship in his rookie year, and then his first 250 outdoor title in 2010, Canard provided the learning curve for the rest to follow. And follow they did.

Tomac won his first-ever national at Hangtown—in his first attempt—just a year ago and came within a few turns of winning the West Lites championship in his rookie year. And let’s not forget Justin Barcia, who won his first career SX East Lites championship this year.

Justin Bogle will make his pro debut at Unadilla.
Photo: BrownDogWilson

While Wharton has yet to capture that elusive championship, he has won multiple times in supercross and continues to be a top-five contender year in and year out.

Now GEICO Honda has tabbed Oklahoma native Justin Bogle as their next shining star. Since brining him into the fold in late 2010, Bogle has gone on a tear through the amateur ranks, winning anything and everything in sight. Fresh off of three titles at the Ponca City Grand Nationals, Bogle enters the 2011 Red Bull AMA Amateur National Motocross Championship at Loretta Lynn’s looking for one last shining moment in the amateur ranks before he rides off into the sunset and begins his pro career—at Unadilla—as the next star for GEICO Powersports Honda.