Lake County Fair SX Results, Night 2

July 28, 2011 12:45pm

By Dave Deringer

The 26th annual Nielsen Enterprises Lake County Fair Stadium Motocross was held Wednesday night even though heavy rains hit the area earlier in the morning. The Schaefer Tracks crew got out early and worked their magic and by the end of the first practice, the riders said the stadium style track was perfect.

Tuf/ Venning Honda's Jeff Gibson was the big winner again as he took both the 250 and 450 Pro main event wins. His travel partner and best friend Willy Browning came home second in both finals and also won the dash for cash and pitbike finals making for a good payday for the two Ohio natives.

Tuf/Venning Honda's Kevin Markwardt came home third on the 250 while Norther California's Daniel Blair finished third on borrowed Sportland2 Kawasaki's. Tuesday front runner Josh Demuth was misssing from action as he broke his big toe during the 450 final on Tuesday.

Lake County Results, Night 2
250 Pro:
1. Jeff Gibson
2. Willy Browning
3. Kevin Markwardt
4. Kody Kamm
5. Tommy Hofmaster
6. Cameron Lansing
7. Scott Zont
8. Brandon Pope
9. Kyle White
10. Vaughn Mays

450 Pro:
1. Jeff Gibson
2. Willy Browning
3. Daniel Blair
4. Kody Kamm
5. Cameron Lansing
6. Vaughn Mays
7. Kevin Markwardt
8. Brandon Pope
9. Kyle White
10. Matt Hammond

1. . Jeff Gibson
2. Daniel Blair
3. Tommy Hofmaster

1. Willy Browning
2. Phil Smage

King of Lake County 2011: Jeff Gibson