Metcalfe, Alessi, Berluti and LeGrand on the Pulpmx Show Tonight

July 25, 2011 3:10pm
With Washougal in the books, the Pulpmx Show presented by is presenting you with a new look this week. Regular host Kenneth Watson is in LA for the X Games and won’t be in-studio tonight but hopefully will answer us when we call for an update.

Joining us in-studio for the show is Hart & Huntington mechanic for Ivan Tedesco and all around good guy Tony Berluti. Berloot will sit in and regal us all with stories about life on the road for a guy that’s been doing this since 1991. Also in studio will be Stephen ‘Lebig’ LeGrand who’s a French moto journalist on the circuit for a long time. LeGrand will also be in to tell us about his new venture in FREEGUN underwear.

Getting a season high third place at Washougal was Suzuki’s Brett Metcalfe and just like last year, the Aussie is starting to catch fire in the second half of the season. Brett’s just the second rider to make the podium other than the big three and we’ll have him on to talk about his race and season.

KTM’s Mike Alessi didn’t end up with that great of an overall score at Washougal but the 800 had one of his bets rides of the year at Washougal as he ripped through the pack in both motos. The 800’s holeshots haven’t been there but the effort has been.

Our phone screener Tits Legendary is also not going to be in tonight (we run a loose ship here at the Pulpmx Show) so Pookie Matthes will be answering your calls tonight. You can call in and talk to any guest tonight at anytime.

What you’ll want to do is log-in to at 6PM PST/9PM EST and click on the Pulpmx Show banner. That will take you to the media player where you can increase your moto knowledge. As usual, you can call in at anytime during the show to talk to the guest or the hosts at 702-586-PULP (7857).

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