Engine Ice Names New Mascot, "Marty, The Engine Ice Polar Bear"

July 25, 2011 2:30pm
Engine Ice Hi-Performance Coolant Names New Corporate Mascot, “Marty, The Engine Ice Polar Bear”

CycleLogic Products, Inc., the manufacturer of Engine Ice Hi-Performance Coolant is proud to announce the name of our new corporate mascot, “Marty, the Engine Ice Polar Bear.”

Engine Ice Hi-Performance Coolant held a month long contest during July to name the new company mascot, a polar bear. Eric Sherman of California came up with the winning name of “Marty,” not through creativity or by being fancy, but by honoring a long-time friend of both his and Engine Ice who passed away several years ago.

Marty “Marcad” Cadalora was a motocross lover and racer to his core. The old phrase “eat, breathe, sleep, live, love and ride motocross” must have been written about Marcad, because that described him to the letter. Marcad died the way he likely wished to, and not in some horrible riding or racing accident, but on an August afternoon, six years ago next week. After Marcad completed a practice session at a local motocross track, he sat in his chair and rested, typically napping, as he often did, only this time Marcad didn’t wake up. Marty’s last actions was a good riding session, some bench racing with friends and the last sounds in his ears was that of motocross bikes on the track, as he fell into his quiet slumber and onward to heaven.


Eric Sherman of Long Beach, California, will receive one of the first issue Engine Ice T-Shirts featuring the newly named “Marty the Polar Bear,” a case of Engine Ice Hi-Performance Coolant and $100 in cash...over a $200 value. Eric will also receive a MX vs ATV ALIVE “Swag Pack,” consisting of a T-shirt, poster and copy of the hit game, MX vs ATV ALIVE.

If you would like to see all the suggested names, you may do so through the Engine Ice Facebook page, www.facebook.com/EngineIceCoolant

Available worldwide, Engine Ice Hi-Performance Coolant is the top selling brand of coolant and antifreeze product in the U.S. motorcycle and powersports industry. Racers using Engine Ice Hi-Performance Coolant have won hundreds of National Championships, including several dozen Championships at Loretta Lynn’s Ranch

"CycleLogic Products, Inc. and our product, Engine Ice Hi-Performance Coolant is proud to honor our friend, Marty "Marcad" Cadalora. Marty was one of our earliest product advocates, as well as dear friend, and what better way to memorialize him and his love of motocross and motorcycling" - David A. Kimmey, President, CycleLogic Products, the makers of Engine Ice Hi-Performance Coolant

Make sure you stop by the Engine Ice Hi-Performance Coolant Hospitality Area located by the swimming pool during the week of the Loretta Lynn’s AMA Amateur National Motocross Championships, to have a sit, cool off, meet new friends, relax and collect some of our fun giveaway items or join in some of our various activities.

About CycleLogic Products, Inc.: Based in Merritt Island, Florida, CycleLogic Products Inc. is the manufacturer of Engine Ice Hi-Performance Coolant, the World’s premier coolant and antifreeze product. Racers using Engine ice Hi-Performance Coolant have won hundreds of championships at most every level, amateur and professional in motocross, road racing, karting, auto racing and more. Engine Ice Hi-Performance Coolant is distributed by Parts Unlimited, Tucker Rocky, Western Powersports and more, see http://www.engineice.com/distribution.html for additional distribution channels.

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