EKS Brand Weekend Report

July 20, 2011 9:10am
Congratulations to all of our EKS BRAND athletes for amazing results this past weekend.

Steven Frossard, 2nd, Evengy Bobryshev 3rd, Rui Goncalves 4th, MX-1 FIM World Championships, Latvia.
All of the EKS BRAND GP racers ran up front this past weekend at the Latvia Grand Prix. Frossard used a 2-2 moto score to clinch 2nd overall for the day and put himself a bit closer to the top of the World Championship point standings. He now sits in 3rd, only 4 points down from second place.

"Russian Bob" rode strong and battled with both Cairoli and Frossard both moto's to finish 3rd overall on the day. His 3-3 moto scores boosted him up to 4th overall in the World Championship point standings.

Rui Goncalves also had a great weekend coming from mid pack start in the first moto to finish a strong 7th and then again battled his way from mid pack in the second moto to finish 4th! His 7-4 moto scores netted him 4th overall for the day and he now sits 7th overall in the World Championship point standings.


Steven Frossard
I had a bad start in the first moto and for around twenty minutes I didn't have a good feeling on the track and was getting some arm-pump. I looked for the better lines and I was able to get faster and smoother. I came back very well even though it was difficult to pass the other riders. I almost caught Antonio but couldn't manage it. Anyway I was happy. I felt fit and ready for the second moto and passed Antonio on the first lap but he got me back. I started to look at the lines and kept with him but when I heard a couple of noises from the bike I focused on taking second and making the finish. I was able to play on the bike and with the track this weekend and I hope it will be the same next time in the sand.

Evgeny Bobryshev
“I am so happy to be on the podium once again but I cannot really think right now because my brain is boiled! It was really hot out there and the pace was really quick. I feel like I am comfortable on the podium now and want to be here every week.”

Rui Gonçalves
“This was a really good result and I was very happy with the way I rode in the second moto, coming through the pack. I just relaxed and let things flow and this is when I ride at my best. I just need to sort things out a bit in the first moto but overall it has been a good day.”

Zach Osborne, MX-2 FIM World Championships, Latvia.
Suffering from the debilitating Epstein Barr virus, Zach dug deep and was able to pull off a 6th and a 5th place moto scores for 5th overall on the day. He now sits 5th overall in the World Championship point standings.

Zach Osborne
“It could have been better obviously but in the first race I didn’t have a lot to ‘go’ with. In the second I found a good rhythm. I rode with Max and we both caught up to Tommy but when we hit a couple of lappers I felt ‘done’. I didn’t have enough reserves to push up and try and pass those guys. I just settled on what I had. I think this is one of the better tracks of the year. It is gnarly and the way it is now, rough and square-edged, it is definitely world championship calibre. It is one of the only places we go to that has this surface that is both hard and kinda sandy. I am feeling better day by day and yesterday was the fittest I felt in a few weeks. I seem to take a few steps forward and then back, forward and then back. I’ll be fighting through the rest of the year. 7-5 is not bad today but I think I am capable of two top fives every weekend no matter how sick I am. The next GP is really challenging for me and I have a lot to prove there so I’ll be looking forward to it.”

Mike Alessi, MX-1 AMA Nationals, Millville MN.
Mike had another great weekend, wrestling his big KTM450 to a pair of 4th place moto scores on the day for 4th overall. This result bumped mike up to 8th overall in the National points standings. Very impressive considering he missed the first two races of the year do to injuries. Mike looks forward to Next week's National at the famous Washugal motocross park in Washugal Wa.