Moto Star Report - July

July 19, 2011 4:30pm
Last week saw Moto Star Racing's sponsored riders Preston Mull #565 (250f) , Adam Enticnap #722 (450f) and Eric Montruiel #861 (250f) all ripping at Millville in the AMA Nationals. They had their "Moto Star" logos flying proud and getting noticed by fans and industry people can you at as we are adding new products all the time!

This week we will see the Moto Star racers at Washugal WA for the next round of high flying AMA Motocross and it should be a barn burner! The action has never been higher and Moto Stars own Brandon Kallberg #789 (450f) will be pulling out of the Canadian Nationals to do his home state race so stop by for a photo and cheer him on if you are there!

See you at the races where everyone can be a star with Moto Star and as always a special shout out to our friends here at Racer X online!