Simmonds Earns 12th at Millville

July 18, 2011 1:15pm
JDR/J-Star/KTM rider Tye Simmonds tied his career best 450 Motocross class finish at the seventh round of the AMA Pro Motocross Championship Series at Spring Creek MX Park when he finished 12th overall.

Simmonds had a decent start in the first moto rounding the first corner in 11th place. Simmonds passed into 10th on lap two and moved up an additional spot on lap three. Two laps later, Simmonds actually held 8th place for two laps before Red Bull/KTM rider Andrew Short made the pass on Simmonds. He dropped to 9th and maintained his pace to hold the top ten position through the remainder of the race to finish in his best moto result of the season.

In moto two, Simmonds earned another decent start rounding the first corner in 12th place. He passed Jimmy Albertson on lap 6th to move into 11th. He maintained that position for the next five laps before Albertson made a late charge to earn the position back. Simmonds moved back to 12th where he would finish the race. Simmonds 9-12 moto scores earned him 12th overall for the day.

“I am very excited with my results. I have been battling with pneumonia this season and this is the first race where I have felt really good and it showed in the improvement in my results. It feels good to be back in racing shape,” remarked Simmonds.

Simmonds Lites teammate, PJ Larsen, made his return to racing at Millville after sitting out the last seven weeks healing from a wrist injury Larsen had a bad start in the first moto but was climbing through the pack quickly. He had moved as high up as 12th before he suffered a mechanical problem and had to withdraw from the race. “Unfortunately we had a mechanical issue and weren’t able to finish the race. We will look into the situation and have everything resolved for next week,” remarked Larsen after the race.

Next Event: Washougal Motocross – July 23, 2011

Overall Results 450 Class –

1)    Ryan Dungey

2)    Ryan Villopoto

3)    Trey Canard

4)    Mike Alessi – KTM

5)    Chad Reed

6)    Brett Metcalfe

7)    Jake Weimer

8)    Andrew Short – KTM

9)    Justin Brayton

10)Kevin Windham

11)Jimmy Albertson

12)Tye Simmonds – KTM

13)Michael Byrne

14)Tommy Hahn

15)Fredrik Noren


Overall Results 250 Class –

1)    Tyla Rattray

2)    Dean Wilson

3)    Blake Baggett

4)    Kyle Cunningham

5)    Alex Martin

6)    Broc Tickle

7)    Wil Hahn

8)    Gareth Swanepoel

9)    Gannon Audette

10)Jason Anderson

11)Martin Davalos

12)Justin Barcia

13)Eli Tomac

14)Darryn Durham

15)Malcolm Stewart