Heat Beaters Now Available

July 15, 2011 2:20pm

Appleton, WI - Record highs are being set on an almost daily basis throughout much of the country and the biggest events on the Amateur National Motocross Championships schedule are upon us.  Staying "cool" is going to be paramount to at least being comfortable. The psychological advantages alone of feeling cool can put racers on the right path to good finishes in Oklahoma and Tennessee in the coming weeks.

Our oldest son Carter suffers from pretty extreme eczema and asthma so the heat affects him even more than the normal kid.  Before heading to Ponca City last year I told my wife we needed something like my old "heat beater" I wore back in the 80's.  We searched for something similar but came up with nothing. The week before leaving for Ponca we enlisted the help of my grandmother to sew something together.  Our first prototype was primitive but very effective.  We even had her sew a couple up for my wife and I just to where around the pits.  We were questioned on them everywhere we went at Ponca last year.  They were a must-have given the heat.

Both of our boys qualified for LL this summer and we once again found ourselves wanting an improved version of our own "heat beaters."  We've now decided to have them made and offered for sale to all riders and fans who will be braving the intense heat we will undoubtedly find in OK and TN in a few weeks or anywhere else for that matter.

The body keeps itself cool through the evaporation of sweat off of the skin as well as maintaining a "normal" core temperature.  Our heat beater works on both levels.  Ice is placed into eight individual pockets, as the ice melts it works to cool the core temp and the subsequent cool water also aids in the evaporation process helping the individual keep his/her overall temperature lower.

The use of ice greatly prolongs the cooling effect vs. using a soaked garment.  

Total weight when loaded with ice is less than 12 oz.  

They can be worn over or under the jersey with or without a chest protector and or neck brace.

Production is currently underway and we are shipping direct to both Ponca City and Loretta Lynn's if requested.  For more information or to order your "Heat Beater" please visit Heat  Beaters.