Weimer / Matthes / Dowd on DMXS Radio Tonight!

July 13, 2011 2:25pm
Monster Energy Kawasaki’s Jake Weimer sat out the entire supercross season after he suffered a broken arm just a few days before the Anaheim opener.  The 2010 West Lites SX champ’s much anticipated rookie season was put on hold until this summer and we’ll get his take on the racing thus far as the series hit the halfway point after Red Bud.  

Racer X’s Steve Matthes is covering the sport from just about every conceivable angle this year.  His popular web show is just one of the informative and entertaining  pieces of his motocross kingdom that you can find over at PulpMX.  Steve is not afraid to smack the hornet’s nest on controversial issues and topics that his growing fan base have become accustomed to.  We’ll swing the hockey stick at a few with Matthes tonight and try to cover all the week’s newsworthy bits.  Visit www.pulpmx.com regularly if you want to save baby seals or be well-informed on our sport.

John Dowd continues to be a sentinel for the sport of motocross.  The humble northerner has found a special place in the hearts and minds of core fans as he continues to build on an impressive legacy over his career.  The evil sands of Southwick are just a few short weeks away and we’ll find out if the Junk Yard Dog is coming out with the  kids to play in it.  

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