EKS BRANDS, Bobryshev Makes History

July 11, 2011 2:55pm
Congratulations to EKS BRANDS Evgeny Bobryshev after winning both moto's at the German GP and making big history!
Congrats also go out to Dustin Nelson, Josh Strang, Rui Goncalves, Steven Frossard and Zach Osborne for their efforts and results this past weekend.

FIM World Championships, German GP. MX-1
Evgeny Bobryshev, AKA "Russian BOB". 1st place.
The Grand Prix of Germany boasted the biggest and most raucous crowd seen this season in the FIM Motocross World Championship but the weekend at Teutschenthal was notable primarily for Evgeny Bobryshev’s first career victory. The Russian posted the red flag above the podium at Teutschenthal for the first time ever in the MX1 class and for the first time since Vladimir Kavinov walked the top step of the box in 1980.

Bobryshev honed his reputation as a hard-charger and bright talent in what is only his second MX1 season and first as a factory Honda rider. He drifted away from the field in Moto1 and let world champion Tony Cairoli know in no-uncertain-terms that the victory would be his after a tangle between the pair left the Sicilian on the ground negotiating the opening lap. "Russian Bob" went on to win the moto handily over Cairoli and a hard charging Steven Frossard.

The second moto had the fans on the edge of their seats... The Current World Champoin, Cairoli got the holeshot followed by Bobryshev. "Russian Bob" passed Cairoli on the first lap. Cairoli pushed hard to stay with the strong Russian, and finaly tried to stuff it into Bobryshev and collided with him. The end result was Cairoli on the ground and Bobryshev with a big lead. "Russian BOB" would go onto win the moto and make motocross history!

A strong ride from EKS BRANDS Rui Goncalves put him in 4th for the second moto and 4th overall for the day marking his best MX-1 finish to day.

After a strong first moto 3rd place, Steven Frossard got stuck in the gate the second moto and could only work up to 15th position at the end. This still left him with 8th overall for the day.

FIM World Championships, German GP. MX-2
Zach Osborne, 6th place.
Bad news for EKS BRANDS Zach Osborne who has been diagnosed with the energy dilapidating Epstein-Barr virus. The Virginian was able to go through the barrier for sixth position overall but is unclear about his plans for the next two Grand Prix's in Latvia and Lommel in the next three weeks. He said: “I made it to fifteen minutes and thought ‘OK, let’s see how much more I can go’, it got to ten minutes from the end and I just carried on. I was like Forrest Gump; ‘I’ve reached the State line, so now I’ll just run across the country’. It is a tough thing to do deal with and this hasn’t been the healthiest season of my life but we are still getting good results.”

Yamaha Quad Cross Series: Round 5/6 Glen Hellen race way.
Dustin Nelson 1st and Beau Barron 2nd Josh Row 3rd

EKS BRANDS Quad racers had an amazing weekend sweeping the podium the first day of the two day National and nearly sweeping it the second day.  Dustin Nelson put his talent to good use winning both days and extending his points lead to 26 over fellow EKS BRAND racer Beau Barron. Barron rode strong all weekend and finished 2nd both days. Nelson's teammate Josh Row rode hard to a 3rd on day one and battled hard to fall just short of the podium on day two. The EKS BRAND trio now sit 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the overall point standings.

John Penton GNCC Millfield OH
Josh Strang 3rd XC-1 Jason Thomas 3rd XC-2.

Josh Strang finished a hard 3rd, charging back after getting knocked down on the start. The defending series champ was able to work his way back through the pack and closed on the two leaders near the end of the race, finishing eight seconds behind Russell for third.

"I worked my way back up to the leaders, my vision was great and I was gaining ground. Unfortunately I made some mistakes and those guys got away from me in the John Penton section, but the last two laps I felt pretty good and passed Buttrick for third," said Strang. "I caught Kailub on the moto track, but then I crashed. But overall, the day went pretty good and I was able to build on my points lead a little." Josh leads the overall championship points by 14.

Jason Thomas was plagued by crashes all day but was still able to battle his way up to 3rd place for the day. The FAR Husky/ EKS BRAND racer now sits 2nd in the Championship point standings.

Congratulations to all the EKS BRAND athletes!