The List:  Top 10 Baby Items  Used in Motocross

The List Top 10 Baby Items Used in Motocross

July 7, 2011 11:00am
By: Matt Walker

Former AMA 125 Supercross winner Matt Walker is still heavily involved with the sport teaching riding schools, and as such, he's discovered some secrets to making your day at the races a little easier. Take it away, Stalker:

If you’re like me and your baby is no longer a baby (mine is almost three going on 33), your house is still filled with baby Items. And you’re considering tossing them in the trash. Think again. Here’s a list of my top 10 uses for baby items for Motocrossers. Thank me later!

10) Baby sunscreen, Coppertone Water Babies SPF 50.
Sunscreen is an old trick that riders use on really hot days. It is believed to lower your body temperature and make the sun’s heat feel less intense (It really does work). I like this brand because it doesn’t sting if it gets in your eyes. It’s also waterproof and it stays on good even when you’re sweating a lot.

9) Baby Water, Nursery Brand.
We all drink water at the track. I like this brand because it comes in 1 gallon jugs of purified drinking water. It also has added minerals for taste.

8) Baby Food, Peter Rabbit Organics Pouches.
Eating on race day is always hard to do, partly due to nerves. With the Peter Rabbit fruit pouches the fruit is pureed into a small pouch. I like this because it’s so portable and convenient. Perfect for the racer who needs to eat on race day but can’t.

7) Diaper Rash, Boudreaux's Butt Paste.
Every racer gets Monkey Butt. This "Butt Paste" works the best and is great for those long days on a rough track. I wouldn’t leave home without it.

6) Baby Powder, JOHNSON & JOHNSON.
Any brand baby powder works. Use it on your hands before you put on your gloves and it will help with your gloves getting wet from sweat which leads to blisters. I also use this on my feet before I put on riding socks. Ever put on riding socks with sweaty feet? You’re welcome.

5) Petroleum Jelly, JOHNSON & JOHNSON.
I use Petroleum Jelly on my goggles when conditions are not perfect. Spreading the jelly on the foam at the top and inside bottom of the goggle helps keep dirt from getting in your eyes. Spreading a thin layer on the top foam keeps dirt from coming in. Spreading it around the bottom, inside the goggle, helps trap any dirt that may have fallen through the top.

4) Razor bumps, Desitin.
We all get razor bumps. Racers think they’re swimmers so most shave from top to bottom. Frequent shaving leads to annoying razor bumps. Spread Desitin on your soon to be bump area and the bumps will go away. This product is amazing and works on your neck line as well.

3) Hydration Drink, Pedialite
For years this baby drink has been the drink of choice on those hot days by racers. Because of its high levels of electrolites and sodium, it puts back in what your body sweats out.

2) Baby Wipes, Up&Up (Target brand)
With all the sweat and dirt in MX, it’s hard to keep a pimple free face. Baby wipes help with that along with much more. They’re perfect for cleaning goggle frames, roost on your gear, even Helmets. You can’t have too many baby wipes at the track. The uses are endless.

1) Laundry Detergent, Dreft brand
Dreft is by far the best detergent for getting stains out of riding gear. It’s made and designed for getting baby formula and baby poop out of baby garments. I like this because it’s strong enough to lift Georgia red clay out of riding gear, but gentle enough to not fade colors. This is why it’s my number 1 pick for Baby items used in Motocross.