EKS Brand Racers Win

July 6, 2011 1:10pm
EKS BRAND would like to congratulate all of our athlete's. The 4th of July weekend was an amazing one for our MX1 World Championship racers!

Steven Frossard 1st place, Evgeny Bobryshev 2nd place FIM World Championships, MX-1 Sweden.
Steven Frossard was a man on a mission in Sweden beating the best and winning both moto's after battling with EKS BRAND racers Bobryshev and Concalves.

The opening MX1 moto and Rui Goncalves leads, the second placed rider Antonio Cairoli goes down in the second corner. Up front it was the two Honda EKS BRAND riders Goncalves and Evgeny Bobryshev who held first and second place with Frossard in 4th. Russian Bob and Frossard quickly passed Rui and battled all the way to the finish with Frossard coming out on top.

The second MX1 moto and Frossard gets the holeshot and is followed by Goncalves and Cairoli. After three laps Frossards lead was nearly four seconds over Cairoli. Three laps to go and Frossards lead is six seconds and the Grand Prix looks like it’s his.  Frossard eventually won from Cairoli, Philippaerts, Bobryshev.

The overall finish. 1st place Frossard, 1/1 2nd place Bobryshev, 2/4 3rd place Cairoli, 5/2.
Frossard interview: http://www.mxlarge.com/interview/5261-steven-frossard-interview-winning-in-pain

Bobryshev interview: http://www.mxlarge.com/interview/5264-evgeny-bobryshev-interview-team-player

Zach Osborne, Michael Leib, FIM World Championships, MX-2 Sweden.
Although it was an amazing weekend and race for the EKS BRAND MX-1 racers, it wasn't Zach Osborne or Michael Leib's best. Zach had a tough opening moto after falling in the first turn and having to work his way up from last place to an impressive 11th at moto's end. Leib, at only his second race of the season rode strong in the first moto coming from back of the pack to finish a solid 13th.

The second moto was not much better for Zach, he got an 8th place start and a few mistakes during the moto pushed him back to 10th at moto's end. Leib was even worse off... He had a mechanical on the second lap causing a DNF.


Mike Alessi, AMA outdoor nationals, Red Bud MI.
A very un-characteristic 1st moto start for Alessi put him near the very back of the pack after the first lap. He rode incredibly strong and worked his way up to 8th place at the end of the moto.

The second moto startwas much better, but still not up to Alessi's norm as Mike rounded the first turn in 3rd position. After battling with Reed for most of the first part of the moto, Alessi settled into 4th position where he would eventually finish. Mike's two moto scores netted him 5th overall for the day.

Congratulations to all of the EKS BRAND racers!