KilBarger Racing Race Report: Thunder Valley

June 28, 2011 4:50pm
Nico Izzi lead the team in qualifying, as he would put his #42 machine in the 4th position for the morning qualifying. Not far behind was Levi Kilbarger on his #412 machine in the 33rd position.

As the first moto rolled around Nico’s tuned Honda shot him out to another top ten start, but it was short lived when a crash on the first lap would put him back to 23rd position. The #42 put his head down and never stopped moving forward for the rest of the moto, and when it was all said and done he would move his KilBarger Racing/JP3/O’Neal/ Franklin Equipment Honda up to the 12th position. Levi’s moto started out the opposite when getting off of a bad start he would come around the first lap in the 35th position. Levi started to put up a charge towards the front, but time ran out, as he was only able to get up to 32nd position on the moto.

Second moto started similar for the #42 of Izzi, but this time he was able to keep it on two wheels and come around in the 7th position on the first lap. As the moto started to get underway Izzi found himself in a battle with the #139 of Malcolm Stewart, the two traded positions and plastic for the first half of the moto. After a few mistakes Izzi fell back to the 21st position, he then put his head down again and charged back to the 15th position. Levi was able to snag himself a little bit better of a start second moto as he came around 30th the first lap. Levi let his training go to work and started picking off riders one by one and ran as high as 26th, but while getting lapped had to fall back to 28th where he would finish the moto.

Levi’s 32 – 28 would score him a 33rd overall on the day, the same position he qualified in. Izzi with his 12 – 15 would put him 13th overall on the day. Next weekend the rider’s head to Red Bud in Buchanan, MI as both riders look to improve on their scores.

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