Tamer Inc. News

June 27, 2011 4:05pm
KEVIN MARET of TAMER INC. is pleased to announce it has amicably resolved the Starting Device patent litigation matter with Works Connection, Inc.

This matter has been resolved by agreement and Works Connection, Inc. has ceased manufacturing and will discontinue sales of the EZ Holeshot pin-style holeshot device as of October 1, 2011.

Kevin Maret is the inventor and owner of the U.S. Patent for single and double-pin style holeshot devices issued by the U.S. Patent Office.

Previously Kevin Maret , through its trial attorney, Glenn C. McGovern, of Metairie, Louisiana, obtained consent and default judgments in Nebraska Federal Court against Tuf Racing Products d/b/a UFO Plast, Devol Engineering, Inc. and Outlaw Racing Products d/b/a Pit Posse who have ceased production and distribution.

About Tamer Motocross: Tamer Motocross is based in Lincoln, Nebraska founded in 1999 and was awarded the patent for the starting device system used by every racer in the world.
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