Moto Star Report

June 27, 2011 2:45pm
Checking in from the Southern California offices of Moto Star we are proud to announce the arrival of Eric Montriuel #861 on the potent Moto Star powered YZF450 to the premiere class. Eric had started the season on the YZF250 but made a mid season decision with the Moto Star brass to switch bikes and will debut it at Red Bud. So far that decision looks to be paying off as testing went beyond our hopes as his lap times have dropped by over five seconds. Look for Eric in the 450 class with his big Moto Star logos and lots of roost flying off his back tire and cheer him on. Also keep your eyes peeled for fan favorite Preston Mull #565 in the 250 Lites making noise!

Moto Star wants to as always thank Racer X and all its fans for their support and make sure to stop by where deals are flying on swag and everyone can be a star!