International Youth Weekend July 23 &24; in Boekel- The Netherlands

June 22, 2011 9:40am
Online entry International Youth Weekend, Boekel-The Netherlands opened!

MC Boekel is getting ready for the International Youth Weekend this 23th & 24th of July.
The two-days during International Youth Weekend on the home track of GP-Rider Jeffrey Herlings in Boekel will be open for everyone.
There will be 2 races on saturday and 2 races on sunday. When a rider is not in possession of a MON  license or a license of an IMBA affiliated association , or a rider doesn’t have any license at all, it’s possible to ride on a daylicense for €10,- per day. The fee to enter the races  is €30,- per rider for the whole weekend.

Riders can complete their entry online on

Classes which will ride                             Age*
Quad mini                                                 5 up to 13
Quad special                                            9 up to 16
50cc                                                           5 up to 8
65cc small wheels                                    7 up to 10
65cc big wheels                                       8 up to 11
85cc small wheels                                 10 up to 13
85cc big wheels                                     11 up to 15
MX2 Youth (125cc 2str+250cc 4str)    13 up to17
Veterans                                                  36 up to 70

There is also a separate 125cc two stroke class (age 13-19). For this class there will be prize money for the top finishers, with a total amount of € 1000,-
*Reference date for the ages are taken from the 1st of January of the ongoing year 2011.

MC Boekel ads the historical ‘’Dealer cup challenge’’ to the Saturday evening program, where teams of 3 riders give their best in 3 heats to decide who is the best Dealer Team. MX-Dealers can fill in an entry form on the already mentioned website. Evening program on Saturday starts at 15.00 o’clock. The winning team will be rewarded with €1000,- of prize money.

Click HERE to take at trip around the track with Jeffery Herlings.

We would be delighted to see you in Boekel, this July!