EKS BRAND Racers Had Another Great Weekend

June 13, 2011 10:45am
EKS BRAND racers had another great weekend battling with the best in the world! Congratulations to all of them!

Mike Alessi MX-1 Mt. Morris Penn. AMA National
After missing the first two rounds of the AMA National series with a gnarly concussion, Alessi proved that he is still one of the very best outdoor racers in the world! After hitting the gate in the first moto, and breaking it, Mike quickly battled his way through the pack and up to third place. A bit rusty from missing the first two rounds that was as far as he could get before arm pump set in. He was later docked one position for what the AMA called jumping the gate. We would like to think that his vision was SO good that he was able to see the gate move at .0000001 of a second. That is what caused him to hit it....

Mike took a different approach the second moto. He actually blinked as the gate dropped just so he wouldn't hit it again. He still pulled a massive holeshot and began to pull away. He raced to a massive lead of nearly 28 seconds when a lapped rider took him off his line and he crashed. Struggling to get up in the deep mud He finally got going in second place just behind Reed. The crash took the wind out of his sails and he eventually dropped to an impressive 4th place and 4th overall for the day.

Tommy Hahn MX-1 Mt. Morris Penn. AMA National
Hahn rode the wheels off his YZF the first moto coming from back of the pack after a bad start. He eventually worked his way up to 10th place.

The second moto went much better. After a mid pack start in the mud, Tommy quickly worked his way up to the top 5. With perfect vision he rode strong finishing in 7th and 7th overall for the day.


Bobreshev, Goncalves, Frossard MX-1 FIM GP of Portugal.
"Russian Bob", Rui, and Frossard all ran up front both moto's in Portugal. In fact each one lead at least one lap during the weekend. The trio of EKS BRAND racers were clearly among the fastest guys on the track and they ended up finishing 3rd, 4th and 5th overall for the weekend.

"Russian Bob" ended up recording two 4th place moto finishes for 3rd overall.
Rui Goncalves led his hometown race and finished with the moto scores of 7th and 3rd for 4th overall.

Steven Frossard had an off weekend for him going 3, 7 for 5th overall.
The World Champion point standings still has the three EKS BRAND racers hanging in there for the championship.

Frossard is currently 3rd, Bobreshev is 5th and Goncalves is 6th.


Zach Osborne MX-2 FIM GP of Portugal.
It was amazing that USA's Zach Osborne was even able to race over the weekend. He was very sick all week and he is still battling a hurting wrist from a gnarly crash at the USGP.
Zach still ran up front all day and was able to pull out a 3rd place overall finish! His overall result keeps him in 4th place in the world championship point standings.