The List: Things to Do In Morgantown

The List Things to Do In Morgantown

June 10, 2011 4:00pm
10. Ride: Bring your dirt bike and tackle the epic High Point track on Sunday's amateur day. If you're on a street bike, well, just pick a direction and go. Street riding around here is pretty epic too. Hope you like turns.

9. Cooper's Rock: Hop on 68 East, pass Cheat Lake, and you'll soon come to Cooper's Rock. Remarkable views, miles and miles of hiking trails, and some of the best mountain-biking in the area.
Check out the amateur day at High Point on Sunday.
Photo: Andrew Fredrickson

8. Arts on the River: If you're still around on Sunday, go to the Wharf District and check out the 11th Annual Arts on the River festival. Food, music, drinks, and -- you guessed it -- art.

7. The Rail Trail: Want to get a run in? Head down to the Monongahela River, where you'll find miles and miles of railroad-track-converted paved trails. It's a good place to bicycle too. No roller-blades allowed. (That's our rule.)

6. Mario’s Fishbowl: Official think tank of the Racer X staff. 
704 Richwood Ave
 Morgantown, WV 26505 
Tel: 304-292-2511

Visit the picturesque view at Cooper's Rock.

5. Racer X Office: When the thinking is done at the Fishbowl, the work gets put onto pages here: 122 Vista Del Rio Drive Morgantown, WV 26508 (Warning, we’re all at High Point this weekend. No looting, please).

4. Kegler’s: Good sports bar just outside of the downtown area. Bowling and beer, too. Look closely and you’ll find the last jersey Jean-Michel Bayle ever wore in a motocross race. Why here? Maybe DC knows. We’re clueless. 
735 A Chestnut Ridge Road,
Morgantown, WV 265605
 Tel: 304-598-9698

3. The Downtown Scene: Look up places like Bent Willy’s, Chicken Bones, Gibbies and De Lazy Lizard.

Many great ideas have come from late nights at Mario's Fishbowl.

2. The Downtown Scenery: You’d be surprised how many West Virginia University girls stick around for the summer semester….

1. The Race: Just across the state line is a little motocross track called High Point Raceway, and the big “pro national” takes place this weekend. You should come and check it out.