Racer X/Malcolm Smith Motorsports N.A.H.A. Pro Hillclimb Series: Rd 2&3

May 23, 2011 4:40pm
Over 7,000 spectators turned out to Glen Helen in San Bernardino, California for a weekend of racing that included closed-course off-road truck action, motocross and two rounds of the N.A.H.A. Pro Hillclimb Series. North America's best hillclimbers made their way to the famed raceway to attempt a nasty 500 foot hill and take part in the first-ever X-Climb. Harold Waddell, Travis Whitlock, Austin Fox, Jason Smith and Bret Peterson were the big winners during the two days of competition. However, the highlight of the event was the X-Climb that featured a drag-race-style bracket racing saw two riders battle side by side up the course. What made this unique was the fact that riders started in a motocross-style starting gate, hit regular freestyle ramps, and jumped up 40 feet to the base of the hill. In the end, Utah's Jason Smith won the inaugural event and took home $500 during the exhibition. The next event is in Columbus, Montana on June 17 & 18. For more information check out www.pro-hillclimbers.org.

450cc: 1. Bret Peterson (15.259); 2. Harold Waddell (15.659); 3. Logan Mead (15.674).
700cc: 1. Jason Smith (14.003); 2. Joe Shipman (14.032); 3. Logan Mead (14.108).
Open: 1. Harold Waddell (13.160); 2. Corey Earhardt (13.749); 3. Jason Smith (13.790).


450cc: 1. Austin Fox (15.101); 2. Logan Mead (15.276); 3. Max Simmons (16.815).
700cc: 1. Travis Whitlock (13.01); 2. Joe Shipman (12.441); 3. Corey Erhardt (13.484).
Open: 1. Travis Whitlock (11.702); 2. Harold Waddell (12.377); 3. Max Simmons (12.570).
X-Climb: 1. Jason Smith