Tomahawk, Cobra, and Troy Lee Designs Partner at the Family Capitol Hill Climb

May 4, 2011 12:15pm
Tomahawk MX Park, Cobra Motorcycles, and Troy Lee Designs is working in cooperation with the AMA (American Motorcyclist Association) and MXSports to rally in Washington DC at the Nation’s Capitol in opposition of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 that has disrupted and could even see the end of sales of motorcycles and motorcycle products built for children 12 years and younger due to the lead content in the bikes.

Tomahawk came to a partnership agreement with Cobra motorcycle’s CEO Sean Hilbert to award one young rider that attends the rally a new 2011 King Cobra 50 motorcycle.  Tomahawk event coordinator Tyler Newcomer commented on their partnership with Cobra, “No one has been hit harder by the Lead Law than Cobra.  For Sean to make this commitment in these economic times goes to show the importance of this event and his commitment to our young riders.”

Troy Lee Designs is helping to promote Tomahawk’s efforts by handing out a Troy Lee Helmet to one participant and a set of gear to another.  Troy Lee Representative Adam Russler stated, “Troy Lee wants to be involved in all aspects of promoting our sport.  This gives us an opportunity to show our commitment to the youth in our sport and this important cause.”

Tomahawk will be open for camping from Wednesday, May 25th through Friday, May 27th with a free practice day Friday for the riders that will attend the rally on Thursday.  Parents that attend will be given an event t-shirt to wear the day of the rally.  All raffles will be held the evening of the Family Capitol Hill Climb at Tomahawk’s weekly Kids’ Ride Night.

Tomahawk owner Chad Gochenour added, “This is an important event for Tomahawk.  With our already established youth riding programs, we wanted to take this opportunity from the AMA and MXSports and show our commitment to the youth in our sport.  Cobra and Troy Lee Designs are two of the top names in our sport.  To be partnered with them is huge for Tomahawk.  Hopefully, we can take this partnership at the Hill Climb and continue to work with them in the future in our youth programs.”

For more information about Tomahawk MX Park, the Family Capitol Hill Climb, the chance to win a Cobra Motorcycle, great gear from Troy Lee Designs, or other great prizes go to: or email Tyler Newcomer at