Your Collection: 1996 CR250 McGrath Replica

May 1, 2011 1:40pm

This weeks collection comes from Mark Swart in Suffolk, VA.

undefined"Hello Racer X,
I wanted to submit my 1996 CR 250 McGrath replica. Diehards will recognize that it actually has '95 graphics and seat cover, as Throttle Jockey still makes them and 100 Percent (who made the '96 team stuff) is now out of business. I also had to go with a Pro Circuit exhaust as the factory hand welded pipe and carbon fiber muffler seem to be just as unobtainable today as they were in '96. I spent most of the year rebuilding it and my goal is to get it out on the track in Post Vintage and maybe even my regular undefinedvet class in 2011. The kegerator was inspired by the bike. It is slow off the line but I never get any headshake."

- Mark


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