Privateer Profile:  Weston Peick

Privateer Profile Weston Peick

April 21, 2011 10:55am
One of the most improved riders in this years supercross series is the number 43 of Rock River Yamaha’s Weston Peick. The burly Peick hasn’t been at the indoor game that long and will never be confused for a finesse rider, but he’s made it work for him this year as he currently sits twenty-first in the points and has made eight out of the fifteen mains ran this year. I caught up to Peick to find out what he’s got going on for the upcoming outdoor season.

Racer X: Weston, thanks for doing this and I have written a few times about how you’re much better this year, what’s been the cause for the improvement?
Weston Peick: Thanks, yeah I would say that’s right. I have made some gains. I definitely feel like I’ve improved a lot from last year, I’ve been training a lot and have a better program. Coming into this year I have my own thing going on with motors and suspension. The suspension makes a big difference and I have some stuff that I like, my stuff last year was too soft. That makes a big difference and sure, it could always be better, but I think my stuff is pretty good. I just feel stronger in supercross, it’s my second year and I’m learning and getting better at it.

What’s the team situation for you like there at Rock River Yamaha? You’re sort of on your own right?
Yeah, I pay all my own bills. The only thing they do for me is they take my bike to the races, they supply me bikes and they feed me at the races. The manager Christina, she takes care of me if I need a ride from the airport. I basically pay for my flights, parts, hotels and almost everything.

Peick has made dramatic improvements in his sophomore campaign.
Photo: Andrew Fredrickson

So when you make the main event, you end up making some money but if you don’t make it, you’re losing money- is that sort of how it works?
Yeah, pretty much. If I make the main, that’s two thousand dollars or so and I can come away with some money. Obviously that’s what I want to do, if I can make 2K a weekend, that’s 10K a month. I have other sponsors that help me out with some bills as well. Going into the outdoors, without being able to make that kind of money, I just can’t do it.

So you had a deal for the outdoors but as we were talking about on Saturday, it seems that has fallen apart right?
I was all set and stoked to be on this Kawi deal for motocross. I was getting everything paid for, nothing was coming out of my pocket. I was going to get some bikes as well but I’ve been trying to call Phil Alderton this past week to try and figure out what’s been going on. He never answered the phone and I guess something happened in his personal life and it’s not good so the team sort of fell apart from there. The team owner at Chaplin Kawasaki just pulled the plug on the deal and it kind of ruined my deal, and my teammate Les Smith’s deal, as well because he told another team that he was set with this program. So it’s a crappy deal, one guy screws up and the team pulled the plug. It’s unprofessional in my opinion.

Peick's deal with Chaplin Kawasaki has fallen through, so Peick is still weighing his options for the upcoming Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Championship.
Photo: Andrew Fredrickson

So what are you going to do?
Right now I’m trying to get ahold of some people in Canada to do something up there or I’m trying to find someone to buy me a bike- a Kawasaki. I want to ride one of those. If no one can buy me one, I’ll get one and race the USGP, Hangtown, Texas, Lakewood, Washougal and Pala.  I don’t think I can go east, it’s a lot of money and a lot of driving. Maybe if someone got hurt, I can do a fill-in deal with a team or something. We’ll see. I feel like I deserve to have someone to help me out, I don’t need a salary, I just want to get expenses paid. I need to just get by to show what I’m made of.

So how can people get ahold of you if they have some way to help you out and who do you want to thank?
They can hit me up on Facebook or on email and I want to thank FLY Racewear, Rock River Yamaha, FMF, Yamaha, Roost MX, Pro Drive Sports Fuels, CSMX Training, Utopia, Schmidt Suspension, Crower Power, Max Muscle, GoPro, Dunlop, Hammerhead, Hinson and everyone else. Thanks.