Ask Ping!

Ask Ping!

April 15, 2011 9:55am
Dearest Ping,

I do a lot of reading on the moto boards and read many of the regular know-it-alls daily diarrhea. My question, if we were to write down everything they know about moto on a tiny piece of paper and shove it up a gnat’s ass, would it rattle around in there like a BB in a boxcar?

Seeking wisdom,
Jerry Taylor


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Dear Jerry,









Hey Ping,

It might sounds irrational, but is there any possibility NOT to do an air wheelie? I'm doing it every time... I've wrote the same message to Trey Canard but I'm not sure if he's going to answer, so I thought that you could ask him.

It's serious man...

Keep your front wheel high!

Greetings form Poland!

Krzysztof Tomaszek



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Dear Krzysztof,

You have a couple things going for you: First, the spelling of your name. I can’t imagine having to spell that for the brain trust over at Starbucks while ordering a latte. By the time you hit the first Z in your name their heads would explode. But you pull it off, man. I read your letter several times in my best Taddy Blazusiak accent and somehow Krzysztof rolls off the tongue nicely; Kudos to your folks for picking out a doozie.

Second, the air wheelie is the coolest thing since pierogi, thanks to Trey Canard’s opening ceremony tradition where he sails the finish line jump with his Honda’s front fender pointed skyward. I always think he is about to crash every time! And any time my bike starts staring at the clouds I stab the rear brake or throw myself forward to bring it back down. I’m too scared to pull it off. But you have it down… and off of every jump! That is awesome. Keep it up. Literally. You might also want to get in touch with the boys at Raise it Up ( Those are some very skilled urban gentlemen who can wheelie a dirt bike better than any rider lined up for a supercross main event. If you haven’t seen their videos you should check one out. Maybe they are looking for recruits?



Hi ping. Well, I just wanted to ask your opinion: I’ve been a fan of the sport since a little kid, but in my country (Cyprus) there’s not too much going on with motocross events or any other events of this kind. We got only 3 tracks on the whole island. So, is it worth it to come all the way to USA to race or have a career there or is it to difficult to attract attention from sponsors or factory teams these days as the level of motocross/supercross has gone up the last few years?

Thanks a lot Alex



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Dear Alex,

That’s one thing that is great about this sport: It doesn’t matter where you’re from. We’ve had two national champions from South Africa, for Pete’s sake. Between Albee, GL and that wanker that just won the Masters golf tourney I’m starting to wonder if there’s something in the water down there. You know, aside from malaria.

Alex, don’t let the fact that you are from the land of Aphrodite deter you from chasing your dream of being a motocross star. Anything is possible if you want it bad enough and you have the genetics, heart and financial wherewithal to make it happen. But, you know, use some common sense. Make sure you are the fastest guy on your island. Then maybe take the short boat ride to a couple GPs and see how it goes. And if you are competitive there then you might just make it here on US soil. That is if you can get through the supercross season healthy, which is about as likely as a grown women rising out of sea foam from a man’s severed genitals and floating to shore on a clam shell. You know what I’m talking about, right? Anyway, good luck and I’ll see you at a supercross real soon.



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