One Industries Thursday  Rev Up: Control

One Industries Thursday Rev Up Control

April 14, 2011 3:15pm
Hello, everyone, and welcome to the Rev Up. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this is an amazing mud ball we live on. With every sunrise arrives a fresh chance to take it all on. In the big scheme of things, we are all so lucky to just have air in our lungs and have the opportunity to stand with a fist and do our best to make the most of the sun warming our blue oval for another 24 hours.

Try as we may, there is no control in anything. We can conjure up a bubble of conceived “comfort,” but the reality is that we are living in a controlled chaos. Control is an illusion.

On a smaller scale, such is the case with the much celebrated 2011 Monster Energy Supercross season.

Trey Canard suffered an injury to his femur testing for outdoors and will miss the remainder of the SX season. Tough break for the rookie.
Photo: Simon Cudby

Professional supercross racers do not live in the world that we do. They are machines of performance, perfection, and false security. They are some of the most superstitious athletes in the world of motor sports. Those guys really believe that the little things they do, such as putting their right leg in their pants before the left makes a difference. They all have their own particular ritual that helps them think that everything is going to go the way they have trained for.

They believe it to their bones.

And now, as we watch the growing highlight reel of carnage before every broadcast, it has become blatantly obvious that unlike years past, there has been no alpha male. Nobody has carried the flag in this immaculate dust up.

They have all felt pain and they have all been outside their forecast of “control.”

The 2011 season has only solidified the fact that absolutely anything can, and will, happen.

Well, folks. What is going to happen now? A mere three rounds remain to decide who will wear one of the heaviest and shiniest title belts the sport has ever seen. I can say with no ego that I have never seen one go like this.

And now the charge makes it’s way to the great Pacific Northwest to do battle inside Seattle, Washington’s Qwest Field.

The Emerald City will host the onset of the end. Everything that has a beginning has an end, including this amazing spectacle of triumph and tragedy that we as fans have had the humble fortune to absorb.

As it stands, there are four capable champions. Four.

Can the defending champion make a late season run at the title?
Photo: Simon Cudby

Stewart, RV, Reed, and defending champion, Ryan Dungey can all still claim the championship that nobody as thus far been able to capture. Trey Canard injured his femur while testing for outdoors and will miss the remainder of the SX season, which has narrowed the title contenders down to four.

The vibe and aura of Seattle only spices up this already boiling conundrum. Seattle is a beautiful city in herself. The fish market, the space needle, and all of the foggy, salty coolness of the city is one of the most soulful environments I’ve ever been lucky enough to take in.

I have to touch on a bit of a personal note. Try to hold your scoff, but today I got hit up on Facebook by a soul I didn’t think I would ever hear from. The “social network” is a fascinating, and vulnerable aspect of today, but on this day, today, it served as a whimsical punch to the jaw that has me finishing this week’s Rev Up with a manor of simple astonishment.

I love this sport so much. Motocross has been the way of the Bowyer family from the beginning. Once upon a time, circa, 1997, I had a chance to be flown to Santiago, Chile, to give my best for the upcoming Terrafirma 4 video. Well, in short, I left it all on the table and went for a gap that I didn’t make. Was it one of the best things that has ever happened to me, or the worst? Hell, my friends, I still fight it.

That said, my doctor that fixed me after my crash, Dr. Alberto Balut, hit me up for a friend request on FB this afternoon. It really made me take a few steps backwards and remember the whole deal.

Can Reed pick up his second win of the season in Seattle?
Photo: Simon Cudby

Isn’t that crazy how life works, really? At least, I think so.

Hey guys, I’m here to bring you as much passion and soul about this sport as my fingers can. I believe I’ve had the fortune of living motocross like only the lucky others have. Nobody gets the goose bumps about the charge more than I do. What's great is that everyday something new pops up about moto.

It always will.

This is American Supercross, Jack.

All of the boys have put their guts into this shit.

Who’s ready to see what the closing will bring? Who is ready to see if Villopoto can hang on, or will Dungey make a sneak attack? Will it be a rutted-out mudder and make a mess of things? Do Reedy and Stewart still have a shot at the title?

The answer is a resounding, “Yes! Yes! Yes!” All the boys are in this beautiful pickle.

Before I go, I beg a brief disclaimer:

My brother is heading to Talladega this weekend. Those who have read the One Industries Thursday Rev Up for a few years know where I’m at.

It's heavy, folks. It's all a whole bunch.

Can RV hang on?
Photo: Simon Cudby

If you don’t know, allow me to retort, I’M READY FOR THE NOISE, folks! Straight rolling my neck, shoulders back, and shadow boxing.

No control. The proverbial, “catbird’s seat” remains vacant.

Who do you got, Jack?

The scramble for the championship begins now. Three to go. What dreams may come? We shall see, my friends.

No Control.

Thanks for reading, see you next week.