Texas SX Super Spoiler Report and Results

April 2, 2011 11:15pm | by:
You thought it couldn't get crazier in Monster Energy Supercross, but it just did.

Trey Canard cruised to his third win of the season tonight in Arlington, Texas, which gives him a Texas sweep after snagging one in Houston earlier. Canard made quick work of holeshot artist Mike Alessi and was pretty much the only rider to race 20 clean laps on a slick and technical track.

Behind him....chaos! Ryan Dungey passed Alessi for second but Alessi fought back, and when Dungey got held up, Chad Reed snuck by him and then Alessi for second. Then James Stewart rolled up on them both, got to third, then passed Reed. Reed fought back, stuck with Stewart and passed him back for second. Stewart lost some ground, but then Reed made a few mistakes and Stewart reeled him back in.

Reed made an error in the whoops, but when Stewart tried charging down the inside, his feet came off the pegs. He went flying out of control and took Reed down with him. Reed went flying over a berm and over the bars, Stewart stayed on the track, but when he got back up, his bike was smoking.

This put Dungey in second, with Stewart back to fourth and Reed in about tenth. Then Dungey crashed, and Ryan Villopoto slipped past him to take second.

Stewart's bike kept running all the way to the end, and he finished fourth. Dungey made a late charge on Villopoto but couldn't get him, settling for third. Reed got up to seventh but crashed on the last lap, ending up eighth.

This puts Villopoto back into the points lead. More to come later....

In the Lites class, Justin Barcia snagged the holeshot, but Ryan Sipes made the pass and started pulling away. It didn't last. Sipes made mistakes, Barcia caught back up and put a block pass on him. The next lap, Sipes fell, putting Dean WIlson in second. Wilson slowed reeled Barcia in, and the duo engaged in another one of their patented block pass brake check fests. Wilson then pulled off a slick (and clean) pass on the last lap to get the lead, Barcia showed him a wheel a bunch of times but couldn't make it work. Wilson took the win, Barcia second and Blake Wharton third.

Look for a full race report and photos later tonight.

SX Class

1. T. Canard
2.  R. Villopoto
3. R. Dungey,
4.  J. Stewart
5.  K. Windham
6. A. Short
7. T. Hahn
8. C. Reed
9. A Stroupe
10. M. Alessi
11. W. Peick
12. F. Iziord
13. C. Blose
14. M. Byrne
15. I. Tedesco
16. K. Regal
17. J. Brayton
18. N. Wey
19. C. Seely
20. D. Millsaps

Lites Class

1. D. Wilson
2. J. Barica
3. B. Wharton
4. M. Stewart
5. M. Lemoine
6. D. Durham
7. B. Baggett
8. G. Audette
9. A. Martin
10. T. Bright
11. H. Hewitt
12. J. Anderson
13. T. Futrell
14. L. Vincent
15. H. Clements
16. L. Kilbarger
17. R. sipes
18. A. Cantanzaro
19. J. Sipes
20. N. Myers