One Industries Rev Up: Toronto

One Industries Rev Up Toronto

March 25, 2011 12:30pm
Hello, everyone, and welcome to the Rev Up. If things haven’t gotten ridiculous enough, we’re going to take the show up to Toronto to begin the sprint to the championship. I know I’m sounding like a broken record, but holy rusted metal, batman...I can’t remember a series like this, well, ever. Just when I was beginning to think that I was making some calls that were coming to fruition, dude, Jacksonville shows up and just leaves all of us shaking our heads like Lee Trevino in Happy Gilmore. Seriously, this gig has become quite the carnival of mayhem.

And how sweet it is, my friends.

As it stands right now, there are six races remaining, and there are five men standing tall with a chance at the title belt. You would be a fool to think that anybody within thirty points of the lead is out of the fight. Recent history has shown us that even when we see an alpha male emerge, he is just teetering on the brink of going ass over tea kettle, and not, (survey says) make...the main!

Things are beginning to get crowded.
Photo: Garth Milan

How does this even happen?

I’ll tell you how. It’s because the boys are twisting it. They are all riding on the razors edge of either winning or carting huge and getting a ride on the mule. The bar that we see today was set by Ricky Carmichael back in 2001, and since then everyone has been trying to figure out how to go completely psycho for twenty laps. The trick of it is, nobody can do it. RC remains the only man that can hold it at the rib cage and keep it somewhat together. And, as you recall, Carmichael had highlight reel crashes all the way until he hung it up.

So, with six races to go, who is really the favorite for the 2011 championship? Well, we’ve all been riding the Villopoto express for much of the duration, but ole boy went out there and didn’t even make the main event last weekend. And, bare with me for a moment...that isn’t right. There are a few things that are, ahem, “behind” in our sport, and when we have all cylinders firing and people are really into what is going on, we can’t have “The Man” not in the main event.

The points leader of American Supercross got cleaned in his heat race, then got swept up in the LCQ. Look, Ryan Villopoto makes as much money and creates more hype than anyone on the starting line and by dumb luck he doesn’t make the main event.

Even with failing to qualify for the main in Jacksonville, RV still has a seven point lead over Chad Reed.
Photo: Andrew Fredrickson

Ah, but you “purists” will rejoice in the calamity we arrive in right now. The rules are the rules, and when all of the teams entered their riders into this championship, they all knew the deal.

I’ve never been a fan of “everything happens for a reason,” but the way things have gone down thus far, we all have a reason to be jacked up to see the boys finish the game.

There’s a lot of noise right now. Some serious juice and adrenaline on the line and like I said, I’ve never seen a storm quite like this one. Be that as it may, look at the consistency of Chad Reed. Respect the fact that James Stewart can come back and string together 3-4 victories in a row. Do not forget that 2010 champion, Ryan Dungey has yet to win and is within striking distance. And you would only be a fool to think that the darling of 2011, Ryan Villopoto will not come back ready to eat steel and spit razors. Then, of course you have Jacksonville and now, two-time winner, Trey Canard aiming his stare at the championship.

This is why we run the races, folks.

Thanks for reading, see you next week.