Ask Ping!

Ask Ping!

March 25, 2011 9:10am
Dear Ping,

If you were allowed to compete, could you get off the couch this summer and win the Women's Motocross Championship on a 2000 Husqvarna TC610 with no silencer?


Cairo, GA


  • Maybe I could win if I sawed their legs off and then ran around the track?
Dear Zagaheech,

Sadly, I really had to put some thought into this. On one hand, the WMX motos are only twenty minutes so I could probably gut that out. A 610 would be throwing some mean uterus-bruising roost and I’m almost positive I could pull every holeshot on it. On the other hand, what is a Husqvarna TC610? Aside from the fact that it’s over a decade old I’m still not 100 percent sure it isn’t a chain saw. I’m too lazy to Google it so I’m just going to answer this question by saying “No.”



Hey there, Ping,

Regarding the interview question in "Ask Ping" today, did you happen to notice that RV thanked Jesus in his podium interview last weekend? What in the world was up with that?! I've never heard him thank the Man Above, or the Good Lord for keeping him safe or any other religious entity that seems to take a keen interest in certain professional racer's race results. Hell, if Ryan wasn't racing motocross or training for racing motocross, I would think he'd be flying off to exotic locations to hunt down any one of God's majestic creatures with four legs and a pulse and blowing its brains out with the biggest firearm he can get his hands on. You probably know the guy pretty well, so, what's up with RV? Is it some kind of bizarre peer pressure thing he's bowing to or has he really found some new spiritual mindset that is motivating his recent dominance of the Supercross series?

Best Regards,

Rich Dandolo

  • RV crashed while explaining his big bang theory and thanked God he was okay.
Dear Rich,

I noticed that Ryan has been showing some respect to Jesus and I think it’s awesome. You may also have noticed Canard, Dungey, Short, Alessi, Hansen, Morais, Sipes, Baker, Craig and many others saying the same thing on the podium. When you put yourself in dangerous and volatile surroundings on a regular basis you tend to question your own mortality and find the answers. And if you don’t think supercross is a dangerous and volatile environment you didn’t watch the Jacksonville Supercross. It sounds like you subscribe to the whole Big Bang Theory. To me, that’s a bigger stretch than believing in an omnipotent being and creationism. I don’t believe that it’s possible for a tornado to go through a junkyard and somehow during its twirling destruction assemble a Boeing 747. But that’s just me. Don’t be fooled for a minute and think that Ryan wouldn’t blow a hole in some big game on an off-weekend though; The Bible doesn’t say anything about not hunting animals. Now there’s a big bang theory that RV can get behind.



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