Jacksonville Second Practice Update

Jacksonville Second Practice Update

March 19, 2011 5:00pm

Track builders threw a curve at the riders for the second practice, throwing in a double lip on one of the takeoffs in a rhythm lane. At first, riders struggled, instead of double, triple, double, they would go single, double, double, double.

It took a few laps for riders to get the double down even with the shelf built into the taple top. After that, the section became routine again.

The next section to watch was a single, table, table double section. James Stewart went single over the first table, then jumped from the second table and tripled into the corner. A few other riders sized it up, but no one else decided to attempt it (and in their defense, it may not be faster).

Stewart was fast on the rest of the track, too, and clocked the fastest lap with a 44.5. Next came Dungey 44.7 Millsaps 45.3 Villopoto 45.4 Canard 45.5 then Windham, Stroupe, Brayton, Reed and Tedesco.

In Lites, Ryan Sipes is carrying the speed and momentum. He was fast in practice last week and won the main--now he's on top of the board again with a 45.6. Next came Wilson 46.1 Barcia 46.3 Lemoine 46.8 Baggett 46.9 then Wharton, Anderson, Stewart, Audette and Hewitt.

Of course all this speed may not matter if the start throws a wrench in it. This is a fairly short start across the stadium, with a right hand first turn (most tracks turn left so riders can reach the back brake pedal). Survive that turn, and then it's on.